10 Reasons You Should Be Swimming

10 Reasons You Should Be Swimming

You have probably heard that swimming is good for you, but have you ever wondered why? Well you won’t have to wonder any longer, we are counting down the top ten reasons you should be calling up our Mesa pool company and hopping in the water!

1. The buoyancy of the water counteracts the force of gravity, making swimming a perfect low-impact sport that puts little stress on bones and joints. No matter whether you are recovering from an injury or have a little trouble moving, swimming is the perfect way to get your exercise in.

2. As long as you swim for 20 minutes straight, keeping up a constant rhythm and speed, it is an aerobic exercise, which helps improve general fitness, stimulates the metabolism and burns fat. 

3. The fact that it’s an aerobic exercise also means it improves cardiopulmonary capacity, while the effort needed to overcome water resistance tones muscles.

4. Did you know? Swimming is a great way to burn calories! Just an hour of swimming can burn 500 calories.

5. Our body’s natural position is upright, but when we swim, we turn it horizontal. This can help move respiratory secretions, and greatly improves breathing.

6. Not only is swimming great for your breathing, it has been shown to be beneficial for asthma sufferers, as it encourages lung function and breathing control.

7. Swimming balances blood pressure and normalizes pulse rate.

8. It works the body’s motor coordination. Over two thirds of the body musculature is worked when we swim, including both the lower and upper body, trunk and head, and arms and legs are forced to make a balanced effort.

9. Swimming also strengthens joints and improves posture by improving the position of the spinal column. This makes it an excellent exercise for those with back problems.

10. Last, but not least: anyone can do it. No matter what age or body type you are, swimming is something that brings everyone together for some fun and relaxation.

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