Aqua Fitness And You

From relaxing in the hot tub to swimming out on the lake, water has been a part of some of our fondest memories. Sadly, many people only find time to enjoy the water during special occasions. Don’t let your love for the water end there! Aqua fitness has become a wonderful way to combine your love of the water with an exercise that keeps you healthy and fit.

What Is Aqua Fitness?

In basic terms, aqua fitness refers to any kind of exercise that is done in fairly shallow water. These kinds of water exercises usually do not involve any actual swimming and are done vertically in waist deep water. There are a wide range of aqua fitness to choose from including water yoga, water aerobics, aqua Zumba, and aqua jog. This great low-impact exercise has proven to have several benefits and is often used as a form of physical therapy.

How Does Aqua Fitness Benefit Me?

Water exercises are a great way to keep fit and can even promote healing. Though some places may offer a therapist to help guide you, most forms of aqua fitness is easy enough to do on your own or with a few friends. For those rehabilitating after an injury, it is a wonderful way to recover and gain back the functions you may have lost. For athletes, this can provide a great way to strengthening muscles and build endurance. With so many types, you can easily find one for your unique needs.

Where Can I Begin My Aqua Fitness?

To begin, you need a pool to provide you with the depth and space you need. Some public places even hold classes for aqua fitness. Though this can be a great way to get started, the classes tend to be limited to specific times that may not fit into your busy schedule.

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