The Five Best Pool Party Games

The Five Best Pool Party Games

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time for Phoenix swimming pool owners to plan pool parties. One of the best ways to ensure everyone has a great time at your pool party is to plan some fun games. So we’ve put together a list of our top five favorite pool party games so you can plan a great time with your friends and family:

Noodle Jousting

You will need: Two or more players, pool noodles and rafts for each player
How to play: Players will each sit on a raft at opposite ends of the pool, armed with a pool noodle. Then they will paddle and swim toward the other players and try to knock them off their rafts with the pool noodle. The last player still on their raft wins.

Water Frisbee

You will need: A frisbee, two buckets or laundry baskets
How to play: Divide your swimmers into two teams and place the laundry baskets at each end of the pool. Teams will then take turns throwing the frisbee to one another trying to make a goal by tossing the frisbee into the laundry basket, Meanwhile the other team tries will try to block them and steal the frisbee to make their own goal. The team with the most baskets at the end of the game wins.

Horse Racing

You will need: Pool noodles
How to play: Players gather on one end of the pool then mounts their pool noodles like a horse. When given the starting cue, players will race across the pool while staying balanced on top of their pool noodle. The first player to reach the other end while staying on their pool noodle wins.

Cardboard Boat Race

You will need: Cardboard, packaging tape
How to play: Each player will construct a boat out of cardboard. Once the boats are completed, players will race across the pool to see who built the best boat. Whichever player reaches the end first wins.

Bobbing Heads

You will need: A beach ball
How to play: Bobbing heads is similar to Wack-a-Mole. One player will stand outside of the pool and throw a beach ball at players inside the pool. The players will try to dunk under the water to avoid being “wacked” by the ball. Once the player has “wacked” another player, they will trade places. The winner is who is “wacked” the least, wins the game.

Games can be a great way to get everyone together and having fun at your pool party. You can also consider installing some fun accessories to your Phoenix swimming pool like basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and water slides with the help of No Limit Pools. Our friendly experts can help you pick the right accessories to maximize the fun of your pool.

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