Designing Your Pool Entry: Steps V.S. Ladder

Designing Your Pool Entry: Steps V.S. Ladder

Getting in and out of your pool is the only way to enjoy all that the water has to offer. If you can’t get in and out safely, then what’s the point of the pool? Designing the entryway to your pool is very important, and there are a lot of factors that should be considered.

Pool Ladders

There is a reason that you see ladders in so many pools. They are cost efficient and work well in any water depth. If you are getting in at the shallow end, they can step you right down to the bottom. If you are looking for an entry or exit to the deep end, you are probably not looking at installing a set of stairs all the way to the bottom. A ladder is your best bet for that. However, a ladder is not as easy for kids to navigate, and can only accommodate one person at a time. They can also be a hazard for getting stuck or for hitting your head while swimming because they jut out into the pool.

Recessed Pool Steps

Another option is to have foot holes put right into the side of the pool. This means that you won’t have ladders sticking out into the pool for people to get stuck behind, or to bump heads on while swimming. They might be harder for swimmers to find when they are exiting the pool because there are no obvious signs of where they are on the outside of the pool. But they can be useful for a second entry or exit choice.

Pool Steps

Pool steps are the easiest way to access a pool. They are wide and gradually descend into the pool, making it easy for kids and older family members to get in and out on their own. Steps are usually put in during the construction of an inground pool, but can be added in later. They can also be added to the outside of an above ground pool to make access easier for everyone.

If you are looking to build a pool or make the access to your current pool easier, give No Limit Pools a call. We’ve got lots of plans for stairs, ladders and more that we can share with you and advise you on the best system for your pool needs. Let us know how we can help! Designing Your Pool Entry: Steps V

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