When Is The Best Time To Install A Pool?

When it comes to thinking about a pool, most people think that spring or summer is the best time to install a brand new pool. But we’ve got news for you. The truth is that the best time to install a pool is when you are ready for it. But there are some advantages to installing a pool during the fall season. If you’ve been considering putting in a pool, now’s the time to do it.

Less Demand

Pool companies are more able to work with your schedule in the fall. There is less of a demand for putting in pools, therefore almost guaranteeing you the spot that you want. Don’t compromise on a date just because things are too busy. Enjoy having the pool put in on your own time and when you can be home.

Lower Prices

Some things may be available at a discounted price. Pool companies may be trying to get rid of things for the winter, and may let you make a deal in order to keep them from having to store it for the entire winter season. Contractors may also be keeping their bids lower in the fall. They aren’t as busy, meaning they will take more deals at a lower price instead of bidding for higher paying jobs in the summer season. Having cheaper contractors means a lower price for you in the end.

Time For Perfection

Installing a pool in early fall still gives you plenty of time to enjoy a swim for the year. You may consider putting in a heating system just to be safe. But it also gives you plenty of time to perfect your landscaping around the pool before you open it up to a whole party of guests. Pool installation can leave a lot of overturned dirt in your yard. Take advantage of the fall and spring to get fresh grass and flowers planted around the pool. That way, when you have guests over next summer, you will be able to show off your beautifully landscaped pool area to everyone.

No Limit Pools is here to help you install your pool whenever you are ready. We have a trained team and professional products ready to help you get the pool of your dreams, right in your own backyard. Don’t’ wait any longer. Get ready to enjoy your pool ASAP.