Extend This Year’s Pool Season

Pools are usually considered summer fun, but why not extend your season of fun this year into the fall? With a few simple upgrades, your pool can last for at least a couple more months, letting you get the most out of your investment. Think about trying one of these for your pool this year.

Cover Your Pool

Add a shelter over your pool to create a space that you can use for longer. A covering helps to keep some of the weather out, and as an added bonus, it also helps to keep out most of the leaves that may be falling in your yard. Having a palapa or other form of covered area next to your pool also will give you a spot to sit and watch the water reflect the scenery. Fall is a great time of year to think about remodeling your pool.

Add A Heater

Heating your pool is another great way to extend your season. No one wants to swim in cold weather when the water is cold too. But if the water is warm, you can still go for a dip without getting too chilly. There are several different types of heating systems that you can choose for your pool. We’d be happy to help you take a look at which one is right for you.

Hot Tub

If you don’t already have one, a hot tub is also a great way to extend your season. Take a relaxing soak in your hot tub on cool fall nights to keep the summer fun alive for a little bit longer. A hot tub is guaranteed to be warm, keeping you and your guests comfortable. Like with the pool, keep the cover on a night so that the heat doesn’t all evaporate. Save money on your energy bill with a cover and enjoy your hot tub for as long as you can.

The fall season is a great time to think about remodeling your pool. Pool companies aren’t as busy and can take the time you really want and need to discuss all of your options. Extending your pool season is as easy as making a few simple design tweaks. Let us help you figure out what works for your family and your pool. Call No Limit Pools today.