Find The Best Pool Builder Near You

Find The Best Pool Builder Near You

You’ve probably heard everyone tell you to make sure that you get multiple bids when you are looking to put in a pool. But not all bids are created equal. Some will be higher in price because they include more services, while others may be lower just because they simply don’t offer you as much. It is wise not to always go with the lowest price presented to you. You may find out later down the road that this was a huge mistake. Instead, we’ve come up with a list of ways to find out if what you are getting is a good deal.

Ask Around

Ask people that you know who have put in a pool who they used and if they are happy. This is a big indicator. If they used a pool company and still have complaints about them, you’ll want to be sure to avoid their services. Be sure to listen to the whole story and make sure that their complaints are valid before coming to a final conclusion. If you hear from multiple people that they were unhappy with the same company, then it is time to look elsewhere.


Check the company’s website and online presence for testimonials. You can read the good and the bad, what people liked and didn’t like, and how the pool company treated them. If there are a lot of satisfied customers, give them a call and ask for a bid. If not, find another company.

Social Media

Search for the company’s name on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. They may have their own company account which you can follow, but you might also find posts from other customers showing the work that they have had done. Most of these posts come with a small description written by the person who had the pool put in, so you’ll be able to pull out key details. Follow the company’s official accounts too in order to see photos of their most recent projects.

Check With The BBB

The BBB or Better Business Bureau will have a rating for the company as well. They moderate complaints and give the companies a rating based on how satisfied their customers are. This is a great place to go and see how a company stacks up and their public ratings. Go to the website and search for the company name and see what comes up. Also note how the BBB handled the complaint, and how responsive the company was when trying to fix the problem. That can tell you a lot about how far a company will go to make sure you are happy.

Just be sure you are on the lookout and don’t get pulled in to fake reviews and marketing tactics. No Limit Pools has a slew of true testimonials and positive reviews to help guide you in the right direction. We have tons of satisfied customers and would love to add you to our list too. Give us a call today to get started.

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