Save Up For Your New Pool With A One Year Plan

When you have a plan in place, it is easier to stick to it. If everyone in your family is on the same page, you can work together to create a budget for your new pool. We’ve got a list of a few ways you can all work together to come up with a budget and a plan that works for everyone.

Get An Actual Quote

Contact a pool company and have them come out to your location to talk with you about what it would really cost to put in a pool. Be sure to ask about all the features you are thinking about and how you can maximize your money in the long run. Once they have seen your yard and your location, they can work to provide you with the best information possible. Then you will have a starting price to work towards as you save.

Create A Budget

Sit down with the whole family and explain what you are saving for. Talk about how extra purchases will take away from the final goal of putting in your pool. Maybe you can decide to skip a vacation and put the money towards your pool. Or opt to eat in an extra night during the week and put that money towards the savings. There are a lot of small things that can really help out a lot over time when you take a closer look at your budget.

Make A Separate Account

Put the money in a separate bank account. You’ll want to not have the option to spend it if you can, keeping it for the end goal. If the money is just in your regular checking account, you might be more tempted to just dip into it a little bit, and then all of a sudden you are back where you started. It is easier to keep track of your goals with a totally separate bank account.

Tax Refund

Put your tax refund directly into the savings account. Do not spend a dime of it on anything else. Plan to use the entire thing to help you get along the way to your goal, and you’ll have a nice chunk of change ready to go towards the pool. This can also go for any money that you inherit or are gifted during the year. Don’t go on a shopping spree, but instead add it to your savings account and get to your goal faster.

Grab Extra Jobs

Everyone in the family can work at this. Kids can help with walking neighborhood dogs, or raking leaves. Parents can work some overtime or take on extra babysitting jobs. Anything extra can be added straight to the savings account and kept there for later use.

To get a quote, call No Limit Pools. We can give you the stepping off point and let you know about features to add or take out in order to fit your budget. We can also offer financing options if you want to get started right away. If a pool is your dream, give us a call so we can help you get there.