A Few Ways To Cut Costs On Your Pool Design

Let’s face it. Designing a pool can get expensive. You want it to be nice and for it to last a long time. Using quality materials is a given. So where else can you compromise on the cost of your pool design? Let’s take a look at a few features that you might want to add to your design down the road.


The size of your pool directly affects the price of your final design. The bigger the hole that you need dug and filled, the steeper the price is going to get. When designing a pool, think about what you will actually be using it for. Are you planning to swim laps? Or just to take a dip to cool off? The more materials the builder has to use, the more you are going to pay. So consider cutting off a few square feet to help with the bill.

Adding A Spa

A spa is a wonderful addition to your pool design. It can help you with an injury, relieve muscle pain and stress, and is just really relaxing to sit in. It will however, add a significant increase to your design’s price. It will require extra equipment and materials to build it, plus time. You’ll have to weigh the options when adding a spa to your design. It is always an option to leave a space to come back and add on a spa at a later date too.

Heat Pump

Adding heat to your pool is great for a lot of reasons. You won’t have to suffer with cold water ever again. You can extend your swimming season by months, allowing you to really get your money’s worth out of your pool, but you will pay for it up front. There are both electric and gas models on the market, depending on what you have available. If you are trying to make every dollar count, you might seriously have to consider if it is worth the extra money to add the heat pump now.

The Bells and Whistles

Pools are kind of like cars. Some come with roll down windows, and some come with all the bells and whistles. Some of the features available are certainly not needed for the pool to run, but they do add a whole other element of fun. For example, you can drag your pool cover on and off every day, or you can have an automatic pool cover installed. One comes at a lower cost than the other, but one is way more convenient than the other. When piecing together your design, you will have to decide which bells and whistles you want right up front.

Don’t forget that there is always time to remodel your pool in the future. If you are trying to just get the pool in the ground, you might want to skip some of the bells and whistles and focus on making your design work for you and for your wallet. No Limit Pools is here to help. We can help you to create a pool design that everyone will be happy with, and we are also available to come back in the future to help you add on more features.