3 Ways Pools Are Great For Keeping You Healthy

In the Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa area it’s hot but so are the people. Why not use both of those things to your advantage. The health and upkeep of your body is important for having a great life and you may as well achieve that in a fun and refreshing way. Use the pool you basically need to have in the Phoenix area to your advantage by getting your exercise while enjoying yourself in the calming water.

1. Swim In Your Pool

We realize this seems like a silly thing to suggest but some people forget that pool are for swimming. First of all to get the health benefits of swimming you have to actually get in the pool, it is there for a reason, use it. Secondly, just standing or sitting around in the pool is not going to allow you to reap the rewards of using the pool. Swim around, laps if that’s what you are into, play a game with friends, remember the fun parts of the swimming pool and you will accidentally get a workout in.

2. Use Pool Toys For Exercise

They don’t just have to be for hitting your friends with, although if they are fast enough that can be a good workout too. Some of the standard pool toys we have always known can be great to challenge your body while in the pool. Take the noodle for instance, the floating snake of aquatics. You can use the noodle to add resistance, like a band, to water version of exercises like lunges or pushups. Or consider the classic kick board, sometimes use to aid weak swimmers but we forget what a killer leg workout buzzing around the pool on that thing can be. Use your imagination a little bit with these toys, there are entire classes based on this type of aerobics.

3. Low Impact Exercising In Water

Water is one of the most powerful resources in our world, more so than we can even imagine. It allows you to maintain motor function with an added resistance that softens impact. Therefore if you have an injury or are just used up from the impacts of running and playing on land, water workouts can be the most helpful option some people overlook. You can still do many of the same exercises you can do on land in the water, running, high knees, lunges but just a lower impact and often a higher resistance. Water workouts are frequently used by professional athletes when injured or needing rest but still want to maintain strength.