Budget-Friendly Pool Remodeling Ideas

You may look at the pool currently in your backyard and be fearful that it has become outdated. Perhaps you look at it and realize that it has lost its luster – it’s boring, and is not the hangout it once used to be. Your first train of thought may be to think that you are stuck with your pool as-is. It’s not exactly like you can start over and dig a new hole in your backyard! Fortunately, you can contact an Arizona pool builder that can remodel your swimming pool. Doing so can put a fresh new look on your outdoor oasis. Consider asking your Arizona pool builder to perform some of the services below. 

  • Resurface Your Pool – Resurfacing your pool is one of the most practical remodeling options, as your pool’s surface will wear out over time. Modern pool surfaces utilize aggregate finishes. Multiple options are available, with multiple colors and patterns – such as stones, shells, and other materials – to choose from. You can also consider adding waterline tile to create an updated look. 
  • Change Your Water – Many pool owner are choosing to use salt-water systems, as opposed to using fresh-water systems that require dumping chlorine and other chemicals into the pool. The salt in the salt-water naturally creates chlorine, thereby self-cleaning. Salt-water pools also tend to be friendlier on the skin and eyes than chlorinated pools. 
  • Update Your Water Features and Circulation – Adding a feature such as a waterfall or sprayer is simple to perform, and can radically transform the look of your pool. Doing so will also keep the water in your pool circulating, providing a naturally peaceful setting. 
  • Modernize Your Equipment – Your current equipment may be outdated and costing you more money than necessary. There is a slew of energy-efficient equipment available that will reduce the cost of maintaining your pool. You could also consider adding an automatic pool cover or all-in-one automation system. 
  • Install LED Lighting – The days of simple floodlights are over. LED lighting is energy efficient, and can be installed anywhere in and around your pool, including underwater. Different colored bulbs can create a beautiful night-time ambiance while allowing you to express your individuality and style. 

Your local Arizona pool builder should be able to make these updates to your pool without breaking your bank. Investing in a few small pool remodeling changes can instantly revitalize your backyard, making it a place you seek to enjoy again!