Backyard Halloween Pool Party

Fall is here, and Halloween is fast approaching. If you are thinking about hosting a Halloween party and want to take the opportunity to show off your new swimming pool in Phoenix, then this can be your chance!

The beauty of having a swimming pool in Phoenix is being able to host an outdoor Halloween party at the pool while all the northern pools are closed due to the incoming cooler weather. It awards you the chance to do something fun and memorable while showing off your amazing backyard.

The Décor

For décor options, pumpkins are always a Fall favorite and are relatively affordable. Real pumpkins can be carved for decoration and can even offer light when given a tea light candle. They can light up the patio or walkway by the pool, and the light looks amazing flickering off the water, especially at night.

You can even acquire several plastic pumpkins from your local craft store that will look just as good, and you can even float them in the pool water. However, do not place lit candles in the plastic pumpkins because it can cause a fire. You can try some LED lights instead.

The Swimming Pool

If you want to create more of that shock and awe look, then consider adding a bit of dye to your pool water. The pool dye is non-toxic, will not stain the pool, and will filter out in just a few days leaving you with your normally blue and sparkling pool water.

You can also add a bit of laundry soap to the surface of the pool to create a foamy appearance and when the party is over, shock the pool to break up the foam and then run the filter to clean it all out. Keep in mind, though, while this is a fun and entertaining tip, it will take some time to get the pool back to normal and will require a bit of cleaning and maintenance.

Finally, add a bit of eerie Halloween music in the background, some fun treats, and even glow sticks and bubbles for the kids, and you will have successfully created the perfect outdoor Halloween pool party that the entire family and your friends can enjoy.

If you are unsure about what is safe and okay to add to your pool water and want to make sure that nothing you use will harm it, be sure to contact your swimming pool company in Phoenix for further instruction and care.