3 Ways To Keep Pool Water From Evaporating

Arizona is a hot and arid state. Even the few forests in the state are arid. That means there’s a lot of heat and dry air throughout most of the year, and that in turn means an open body of water will experience a lot of evaporation. But water is in high demand and short supply in a desert, and so even if you can afford the loss of water and even if there’s no water rationing where you live, the environmentally responsible thing to do is to keep the water from evaporating as much as possible.

Get A Pool Cover

Insulated pool covers trap heat inside so that you can keep using it even as the temperature drops like a stone. It also happens to trap water vapor, and a lot less of it is going to get out when the pool surface is covered by a weatherproof cover. You may need something custom built to fit your custom swimming pool, but luckily there are a lot of pool builders in Arizona. Just remember that it’s important to keep the cover on during the day, so only remove it when you want to use it and put it back when you’re done.

Create Windbreaks

Do you know why blowing on hot soup cools it? It’s because you’re pushing the hot vapor away and letting more of it escape the broth at once. The same thing happens to your pool: a high wind can make a swimming pool evaporate three times as fast. Windbreaks are your friends because they stop the wind from moving directly over your pool and making it evaporate that much faster. Fortunately, most pool builders in Arizona also do backyard landscaping, making it the perfect time to add some natural windbreaks and fences.

Avoid Fountains And Splashes

Maybe it’s not worth the price in your opinion, but it’s worth pointing out that splashing, fountains, waterfalls, and other water displays expose more water to the air and make evaporation go faster. So even if you’re not ready to turn off the backyard waterfall entirely, you should make sure it’s only on when you or your family can enjoy it.

Most pool builders in Arizona estimate that area pools lose between a quarter-inch to an inch off their pool depth every week. So if you don’t want to replace that much every week or month, keep these tips in mind and keep evaporation to a minimum.