How Does a Pool Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

When you elect to purchase and construct a swimming pool in Arizona, then it is important to understand all facets of the process and the investment including how it may affect your homeowner’s insurance rates and what exactly would be covered.

How your insurance is affected by the pool will ultimately come down to the specific terms of your insurance policy. Pools may already be covered under your policy, but before you continue with construction, you will want to read through your policy to make sure that it does in fact already have coverage for the swimming pool, or if you will need to purchase new insurance or increase your current coverage.

A lot of insurance companies consider a swimming pool to be an attractive nuisance because it attracts children and could ultimately become a danger when they are left unsupervised; this is why homeowners are expected to take reasonable care and exercise certain precautions if they choose to own a pool.

Some of these precautions include building a fence around the pool’s perimeter, utilizing either an automatic safety cover or a solid or mesh safety cover, posting a sign for others about the presence of the pool, and also providing safety equipment that is easily accessible.

If you need to increase the current coverage of your insurance, then you should expect slightly higher premiums because the pool will be considered a greater risk for the home. You will also want to look into your liability coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine how much coverage you have and whether or not you will need to increase those limits with a new pool.

Before constructing the pool, discuss all your options with the Arizona pool builders as well as your insurance company to determine all the adjustments that will need to be made to accommodate the new pool.

The Arizona pool builder will also be able to offer suggestions to help improve safety measures and will show you how these additional measures can be integrated into the overall design of the pool. Sometimes these safety measures may be able to help keep your costs and premiums a bit lower and at more affordable levels in the long run.