6 Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas To Consider For Your Phoenix Pool

6 Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas To Consider For Your Phoenix Pool

Pool lighting can extend the use of your pool, set a mood, and enhance the features of your backyard. With new LED technology, there are more affordable options than ever for illuminating your pool at night. Here are some of our No Limit pool builders Phoenix favorite pool lighting ideas to consider for your backyard:


1. Underwater Pool Lighting: Underwater pool lighting can be installed along the walls of the pool and the floor of the pool. Underwater pool lighting comes in a full range of colors and can even be designed to create different looks and moods.

2. Pool Deck Lighting: Pool deck lighting is installed right into the pool decking. It is great for lighting the pathways around your pool and highlight the architectural features of your deck. It’s also a good idea to put pool deck lighting near any tripping hazard like stairs, steps, or platforms to help reduce the chance of falling.

3. Landscape Feature Lighting: Landscape feature lighting is a wonderful way to showcase the landscape around the pool. Highlighting a Saguaro cactus, large stone installations, or an Acacia tree can really help your space come alive at night. Landscape lighting also offers rich dimension and is designed properly can feel like natural moonlight.

4. Water Feature Lighting: Water features are one of the most interesting aspects of any pool design. Adding lighting to your water features can make them stand out at night and create new excitement and dimension. Our No Limit Pool Builders Phoenix can even set them up so the timing of the lighting and the water features are in sync.

5. Moonlighting: Moonlighting is a type of overhead lighting that matches the natural qualities of moonlight. It reflects beautifully on the water, creates texture and shadowing around your landscape, and brings a really natural feel in your backyard pool.

6. Floating Lights: Floating lights are lights that sit on top of the pool water. They bring a sweet and romantic feel to your pool space. They come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles to match any space. We love them for entertaining.


These are just some of the options we offer to enhance your backyard space. To learn more about the lighting styles, colors, and options talk to your No Limit pool builders Phoenix to see how lighting can work to highlight and define the mood of your space.

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