How To Pick The Perfect Color For Your Backyard Pool

When you work with our AZ pool builders at No Limit Pools, the customization possibilities for your new pool are endless. One of the most important decisions you will make when designing your pool with our experts is what color the pool will be. The color you pick for your pool will impact the design, appearance, and mood of your backyard oasis. This important decision will not be made lightly, so we’ve decided to put together a helpful guide so you can understand how to make this decision.


Match The Natural Landscaping In Your Backyard


The first factor in your decision is the landscaping. A great idea is to choose a color that fits into the natural landscaping around the pool. In Arizona, your landscaping will naturally be desert themed. So we recommend thinking about colors in the natural environment to match. Think about the lovely turquoise of Havasu Falls, the rich darker blue of Bartlett Lake, or the cool teal-green of Lake Pleasant. What color is most inspiring to you?


Consider The Depth Of The Water


Next, you’ll want to consider the depth of your pool. In shallow water the color will be lighter, but in deeper water the color will be darker. When you talk to you AZ pool builders, they will help you understand how the colors you are considering will look in the particular depths of your new pool. You want something that will be beautiful on both ends.


Focus On Creating A Perfect Mood


Darker colors tends to make a pool more sophisticated, while lighter colors tend to be more inviting and fun. Think about the mood you want to create in your backyard space. If you plan on doing a lot of family entertaining or have children, go with a lighter color to keep the mood playful. If you want to host cocktail parties and have a spa-like getaway, consider going with a darker color.

Considering these primary factors will help you consider what pool color best suits your vision. Our AZ Pool Builders at No Limit Pools will help. We’ll show you the range of options available to you and help you envision exactly what each color will look like in your backyard. Making this important choice is easy with our guidance, so talk to us today to learn more about what’s available for your Arizona pool.