Why You Should Talk To Your Pool Builders Mesa About Salt Chlorination

No Limit Pools & Spas is one of the pool builders Mesa that gives you the option to choose a salt chlorinated pool. A salt chlorinated pool is different from a traditional chlorine pool in many ways. It uses salt instead of traditional chlorine tablets or granules to keep the pool sanitized and clean. And though the thought of salt in your pool might give you visions of sharp, briny ocean water, salt chlorinated pools are actually far from it.


A Different Kind Of Disinfecting Process


The important thing to remember about salt water chlorination is that it is not a totally chemical-free alternative for your swimming pool. Salt water pools do contain small amounts of chlorine, but it is processed in a different way. The salt is broken down through a special generator and is then reformed in the water to become the hypochlorous acid that does all of the disinfection work in a traditional chlorine-based system. This unique process keeps the salt flowing continuously, which keeps your pool sanitized, clean, and bacteria-free.

Without The Irritating Side Effects


The main health benefits that come from transitioning to a salt chlorinated pool have a lot to do with the lack of chlorine intensity. Traditional chlorine pools can have harsh side effects, such as:

• A strong, overpowering smell
• Respiratory irritation, especially in those who have asthma
• Dry, itchy, or irritated skin
• Red, itchy eyes
• Bleaching out your swimsuit
• Turning your hair green

Not to mention that when traditional chlorine pools are under-chlorinated, it can increase contaminant levels that can cause asthma-like symptoms and lung irritation in some people. Thanks to the continuous flow in a salt chlorinated pool, you won’t have to worry about under chlorination. There’s no need to replenish the levels or add more chlorine to the water. This makes maintenance on a salt chlorinated pool a lot easier.

alk to your pool builders Mesa to see if salt chlorination is right for your family pool. With so many health benefits, it just might be the best option for keeping your pool clean, hassle-free, and comfortable.