Pool Builders Phoenix Know What You Need For A Great Pool Party

Pool Builders Phoenix Know What You Need For A Great Pool Party

Summertime might not be here officially, but the AZ heat always says otherwise. What’s better than beating the heat than a pool party? Pool parties are great for celebrating friends, family, and the start of the summer season. When things get hot, your pool builders Phoenix know the best ways for you to cool down.

In order for your pool party to be a smashing success, make sure that you have these summertime success accessories:

• Beach balls or toys. Be sure that you have fun things for your guests to play with during the party. A net across the pool for water volleyball, a floating hoop for tossing baskets, or just a few blow-up beach balls to bat around can liven things up and provide entertainment.
• Decorations. All parties need decorations and a pool party is a perfect place to go wild. Brightly colored balloons, streamers, and displays can bring in a great party-vibe. Try pink flamingos, bright green palm trees, yellow paper pineapples, and a few tiki torches to light up at dusk.
Music. Your pool builders Phoenix know that music makes anything better. Load up your iPod with summertime fun tunes, plug in your speaker, and let them spin in the background while you party on.
• Food & drinks. It can be as simple as chips and soda, or as complex as a good BBQ spread. Provide your guests with plenty of non-alcoholic hydration during the hot day of fun so they don’t get dehydrated. Plus, swimming builds up an appetite, so they’ll appreciate noshing on whatever you have to offer.
• Supplies. We mean towels to dry off with and sunblock to keep them from becoming lobsters. If your pool party produces a great tan with no burn, you can consider yourself a success. The comfort of your guests should be just as important as their enjoyment.

But the #1 thing you need for the perfect pool party is: a pool!

Whether your pool needs some upgrades, or you’re looking to build a new one, our pool builders Phoenix are at your service. We’ve been transforming backyards into beautiful sanctuaries for many years and we know how to give you the party-ready pool you desire. Summer’s ready; are you?

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