5 Pool Games That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Swimming pools Phoenix provide kids on summer break with something fun, interactive, and healthy to do every single day of the summer. However, after the first week or two, parents might start seeing the glimpses of restlessness shine through in their children pool or no pool. With the right pool from the right pool company, Arizona kids have plenty of fresh and exciting ways to enjoy their pool with a little creative thinking all season long. 5 pool games that the whole family can enjoy are:

1. Find the bottle – This is a simple game, and all you need to play it is a clear plastic water bottle, preferably with a cap that matches the tiling of your pool. To play the game, fill the clear plastic bottle full of water, have the kids line up with their backs to the pool, and toss the bottle in. When the bottle sinks, have the kids do their best to find the bottle. While it sounds easy, it’s surprisingly difficult as the bottle nearly disappears in the water!

2. Pool jousting – For pool jousting, all you need are inflatable pool rafts and a couple of foam pool noodles. Kids and adults can mount their raft, and use their noodle to try to knock their opponent into the water.

3. Treasure hunt – For treasure hunt, all you need is a handful of coins. Simply toss the coins into the water, and have the kids go on a treasure hunt trying to find the most!

4. Shark tag – For shark tag, you can play with props like a shark fin or special goggles, or you can simply use your imagination. In this game, the “shark” is the it person in a game of tag, and swimmers may get out of the water for only 5 seconds at a time to try to avoid being tagged by the shark. Once a person is tagged, they become the shark.

5. FISH – FISH is like the basketball game HORSE, but played in the pool. If your pool incorporates a custom basketball net, players take turns attempting shots from different areas of the pool, and when they miss they earn a letter. The first to spell out FISH loses the game.