Pool Builders Mesa Can Add Accents

Now that you’ve gotten a beautiful backyard oasis from pool builders Mesa, you might want to consider some additions to make it even more spectacular. Though the pool itself is likely a showstopper, these final touches can not only make it look better, they actually serve a purpose in and around your pool.

Perfect Pergolas

A pergola can be a beautiful addition to your pool that creates a light and airy space near the poolside where friends and family can gather. The cross rafters allow both sunshine and shade, depending on placement and sun angle, while the open walls let the breeze flow through. Pergola designs can vary, but they’re all high on aesthetics. You’ll maximize your outdoor space by adding a level of protection from the elements when you use it over a seating area, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen to enhance the beauty of your in-ground pool.

Pretty Plants

Plants cannot only brighten up the landscape around your pool area, they can hide unsightly pool equipment. Plants provide a wall of privacy and extra shade from the Arizona sun when planted in groups, and they can improve the air quality year round. When choosing trees and shrubs, opt for those that don’t produce a lot of litter, as needles, leaves, and fruit can stain your pool deck. When choosing flowers, consider those that don’t attract stinging insects, such as marigolds, mint, geraniums, and zinnias. And remember that cacti are right at home here; they look striking in a backyard paradise.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Waterfalls provide a beautiful accent to any pool, and your pool builders Mesa have created many fantastic falls over the years. Although the breathtaking visual aesthetics should be enough for you to consider the addition, a waterfall can provide so much more. When you relax poolside and listen to the sounds of the water as it cascades into the pool, it unwinds the stress of the day and can improve your overall health and wellbeing. And when the water is in constant motion, it helps your filtration and heating systems work better. Algae won’t be able to stick, and chemical treatments circulate faster.

Your backyard is your place to rest, play, and live. Giving your pool area these extra accents will improve the look and feel, making it a place you’ll never want to leave.