Custom Pools with Expert Craftsmanship

Do you have a pool? Are you thinking about purchasing one? Are you wondering how to customize your pool space? No Limit Pools is an expert in custom pool building. “One of a kind” custom pools is what we are known for. We design based on needs, property shape, home architecture, safety and more. No Limit Pools will provide all the resources you need to be completely happy with the finished product.

Custom Luxury Pools

There are several custom luxury pools options for your pool, even if you’re having a small pool built or remodeled. You can work with the No Limit Pools team to add features to the pool that will make it completely original. For instance, you can request real or synthetic rock structures to be built into or on the side of the pool. This can give the pool a rustic look, as though the water is coming from a natural source. The rock structures can also be made into a waterfall. You and your family will feel as though you’re swimming at an exotic resort. A number of stone or brick-like structures can also be used. These structures will create the border of the pool and the flooring around the pool. You can even choose materials that coordinate with your home so that your property will appear more uniform.

Custom Pools and Spa

Adding a spa to the pool space is another way to make the pool area more luxurious. You can have a smaller spa built on the side of the pool. We will use materials that match or complement the materials used for the pool. There are several tile and concrete options to choose from that come in a variety of colors. Our team will also discuss slip-proof and heat resistant material with you. The spa can be an important part of the pool area because it can be used for therapeutic purposes. No Limit Pools can help you choose the spa that will work best for your health needs, without compromising aesthetics.

Custom Inground Pools

One of the things that make custom inground pools so appealing is the material used for the pool borders and flooring. Glass or mosaic materials often have a luxury look to them. The glass shimmers in the sunlight and makes the pool look especially inviting.

No Limit Pools will keep you informed during the building process for your inground pool. You’ll know exactly how your yard will change to accommodate your new pool. If you’re adding a hot tub or spa, we will explain the necessary plumbing adjustments. We’ll even guide you through the process of preparing your yard for the pool installation process.

It’s best to schedule a consultation with a No Limit Pools team member to get all the details you need for a great custom pool area. We offer custom pools with expert craftsmanship built in the Phoenix area, including Chandler, Grand Canyon, and Mesa, AZ. For more information and to see examples of the work we do, contact No Limit Pools.