Swimming Pool Designs, Natural and Freeform

Swimming Pool Designs, Natural and Freeform

There are many designs to choose from when you are deciding on a swimming pool. Whether your style is understated and minimalist, modern and sophisticated or classic and elegant, No Limit Pools can help you construct the pool of your dreams. Free form pool shapes are trendy now, and the No Limit team can assist you in finding the natural or freeform pool that suits your yard and sense of style.

What Is A Freeform Pool?

A freeform pool is designed in an irregular shape or style with a flowing line. If you want to give the freeform pool a contemporary look, talk to your No Limit Pools consultant about waterfalls or rock structures to add to the pool space. These features provide the pool with a nature-centered look that resembles a lake or pond.

In most cases, freeform pools are made from concrete or vinyl. At the start of the construction process, a hole is excavated into your yard and the framework is stabilized. Then, concrete is poured into the pool space to create the shape and size you want. If the pool is lined with vinyl, you will have a bit more freedom when you are choosing the pool shape and design.

How Did Freeform Pools Become a Trend?

The first freeform pool was constructed in California. One of the first models was built as early as 1920 and was erected above a tank with a synthetic shore on one side. Early freeform pool models also featured landscaping around the pool to make the pool look like a small beach or lake.

Features of Freeform Pools

Several freeform pools have rounded corners to resemble a natural body of water. You can also work with your contractor to add real or synthetic plants around the pool to make the pool look like a tropical oasis. Stone or concrete designs around the pool also emphasize the shape of the pool and allow you to customize the outdoor space. An artificial shore is also a great way to accent a freeform pool; using a combination of small stones and sand to accentuate the shore to make the area look like a beach. You can also work with your contractor to have seating installed around the pool. The seating feature makes the pool area look like its part of a resort.

Adding the Finishing Touches

To complete your freeform pool design, speak with your contractor about a fence or barrier that will surround the pool. This keeps the pool area safer and decreases the chances that your children or pets will get into the pool without your supervision. You can also add a fountain or fire bowl to the pool area. These features make the pool site exceptionally elegant and are a great way to show off your style. Adding a pavilion, customized seating, and a waterfall inside the pool area ensures that your freeform pool space is one of a kind. If you have a larger pool and want to add a freeform section of the pool, your contractor can work with you to let you know which renovations would be best.

No Limit Pools takes pride in serving the Phoenix AZ area of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Grand Canyon and beyond. Use our contact form to get in touch with us and set up a consultation. When it comes to Arizona pool builders, No Limit Pools is your best choice due to our commitment to quality and years of experience. We are happy to answer all your questions about pool construction and help you narrow down your design choices to ensure you are delighted with your new pool.


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