Hottest 2019 Swimming Pool Trends

The trends in swimming pools for 2019 are largely influenced by pool owners’ concerns for the environment, beauty, and safety. They want their pool to blend in with the landscaping and the house itself instead of standing out the way pools inevitably did in the past.

For many owners, the ideal pool looks almost organic, even though it was carefully planned and installed. Working with a skilled and experienced pool contractor is the best way you can have these qualities in your private pool. Following are some pool design ideas for 2019:

Pool Design Ideas 2019

Plunge Pools and One-Depth Pools

One of the design ideas for 2019 is plunge pools. These are smaller pools that are used not so much for swimming but to simply relax in. Due to their smaller size, the temperature can be easier to control than larger pools. Some homeowners turn them into spas or hot tubs in the winter.  Jets can be installed for a targeted massage or a whirlpool effect can be created giving a gentler full body massage. Resistance jets can be installed for swimming in place and used for physical fitness.

Because these pools are so small — usually less than 20 by 13 feet — homeowners feel free to splurge on expensive materials to build and decorate them. Many also have entertainment areas filled with seating on three sides to let people converse and interact with ease.

Plunge pools are not only smaller, but the trend is for them to be one depth from one end to the other. You no longer need to worry about your child wandering into a pool’s deep end, and water sports are more enjoyable since everyone is literally on a level playing field. It’s easier and safer to do laps in a pool that’s the same depth throughout, too.

Sophisticated Pool Edges and Decks

Transforming the pool edge into another design element is another of the pool trends for 2019. One popular type of edge is floating coping. These are edges that look like they are floating above the water with no visible means of support. Some homeowners embellish this sophisticated look with LED uplights under the edge, which look sensational at night. Another of the new pool designs are wet edges, where the water is level with the coping. The water is supposed to sheet over the pool edge, but grates in the deck allow it to be recirculated.

Pool owners are considering other materials for the deck around the pool besides paver stones for 2019. These include wood planks, stepping stones, and ceramic tiles. Some owners are letting the lawn come all the way up to the pool’s coping: the chlorine in the water shouldn’t bother the grass.

Simple Water Features

If pool owners are going for water features at all in 2019, they are uncomplicated and soothing as opposed to opulent, flashy and loud. Simple water spouts at the edge of the pool are enough for many pool owners in 2019. The graceful arcs of water are pleasing to look at and relaxing to listen to.

Furniture in the Water

In shallow pools or pools with very shallow ends, benches and lounges can actually be placed in the water. Of course, they need to be made of materials that are both comfortable to recline on and waterproof. With these additions, you and your guests can enjoy the coolness of the water while being able to lie back, soak in the sun and relax.

Glass Fences

One very attractive design trend for 2019 are fences made of glass panels. These panels can be clear or frosted and even etched with nautical or maritime scenes. Another returning trend is simple fences made of metal.

Remote Control Pools

The ability to control pools remotely, including over the internet, began some years ago and is still a hot pool trend for 2019. Now, you can control the pool’s lights, pumps and filtration system, heater, water spouts and other features from miles away. You can even change the ambiance of the pool through adding apps to your smartphone or pad that have different settings for pool temperature, lighting and other features depending on whether it is a romantic evening for two or a pool party for family and friends. Your pool can be cleaned and serviced while you’re on vacation or keep the heating unit at a constant temperature during the cold weather.

Green Pools

People are becoming more and more aware of the environment when they decide to build a pool, especially if it doesn’t add greatly to the cost of installing the pool in the first place. Pools can use rainwater, and the used pool water can be shunted into the home’s plumbing pipes. You can take the assistance of Plumbing Virtual Assistant to get quality plumbing services. Dark-colored stone or coping at the cooler end of the pool traps heat there, while lighter-colored materials at the warmer end reflect the heat away.


Other pool owners are considering keeping their pool clean with substances somewhat less harsh than chlorine. This may mean turning to salt water pools. Even though salt water pools do use chlorine, they do not use as much as regular pools. Saltwater is also gentler on a swimmer’s skin and eyes than water that’s full of chlorine. However, a drawback with salt water is that the salt is not gentle on just about everything that services the pool, including its pumps and filters.


Some pool owners are considering using moss to filter contaminants out of their pools. The type of moss used is sphagnum moss, which is used in the garden. As of 2019, moss for pool filtration is used alongside more traditional systems. Still, it cuts down on the amounts of chlorine and other chemicals that are needed to keep the pool clean. Another benefit is the water that is lost through moss filtration is less than it is through more traditional forms of cleaning the pool. This is because moss-filtered water doesn’t get as filthy with bacteria and algae.


Ozone for decontaminating is another of the pool trends for 2019. Ozone, which is made of three oxygen atoms, works much more quickly than chlorine when it comes to getting rid of pathogens. Another bonus is that its only waste product is oxygen. However, as of 2019 ozone’s utility is limited because of its short life span and because it’s a gas.

Even More Green Pools

Another of the new pool designs are pools in colors of deep, lush greens or blues. The colors are not just used on the pool’s walls and floor, but they can also be programmed into LED lights. Greens and blues are considered very relaxing and make the swimmer feel like they’re swimming in their own lagoon.

Jump Into The Hottest Of 2019 Swimming Pool Trends

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