How to Stay in The Swim All Year Long

How to Stay in The Swim All Year Long

If you live in Arizona, you are lucky. You have the luxury of doing something not everyone in the United States can do. You can swim in your pool all year long. In fact, there are very few stretches of time in Arizona you can’t swim. With a few add-ons or upgrades, you can swim in that fabulous pool of yours 365 days a year. Not sure how that would work? We have some information for you about swimming in your pool year-round.

Think Saltwater Pools

If you want to swim all year-round, you might want to consider getting a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools do a slightly better job of retaining heat during cooler weather than chlorinated pools do. This is important because, while most days in Arizona get warm if not scorching hot, nights can be cool. There are other reasons saltwater pools might be a good idea. First, it costs far less to maintain a saltwater pool than it does a chlorinated one. That’s because a saltwater pool requires far fewer chemicals to keep it clean and sparkling. Saltwater pools have a little chlorine in them. However, you do the majority of the cleaning with salt. Salt is a natural cleaner. By building a saltwater pool, you are saving yourself heavy cleaning expenses. You might be able to keep your pool a bit warmer.

Heated Pools

Another way that you can swim all year is to heat your pool. There are several options that you can use. First, you might want to think about using solar energy to heat your pool. Depending on your pool size, you can use solar panels on your home, pool house, guesthouse or outdoor living space. This is a great option because Arizona has more sun-filled days than nearly any other state in the United States. However, when there are cloudy days, you need to know that your pool might not be as hot. You need to have a backup source of power to keep your pool heated during cloudy days. There are some great hybrid pool heaters that use solar energy when the sun is out. When the sun is not out, you can use a backup power system to heat the pool.

There are also pool heaters that operate as a heat pump to keep pools at an optimum temperature. Heat pumps in a pool work much like heat pumps in the house. When the filtration system is on, you are able to keep your pool at the temperature you want. However, when your filtration system is off, so is the heat pump. This is essential if you and your family are planning to go away on vacation for a couple of weeks. Who wants to heat a pool when you aren’t even in the area?

Solar Pool Covers and Safety

Another way to heat your pool is to get a pool cover for it. Many pool covers now have solar cells, which keep the pool heated. Covers not only keep the pool warm, but they also protect your pool from creatures that like flying into it. Pool covers can also keep children and pets out of the pool when you are not there to watch them.

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