5 Reasons Why Granite is Perfect for an Outdoor Kitchen

5 Reason Why Granite is Perfect for an Outdoor Kitchen

A backyard barbecue seems like the perfect idea on a hot day; however, the silver rolling barbecue grill is quickly falling out of favor amongst homeowners. Can you say that you are proud to call yourself a great outdoor chef, well we have the perfect option for you? Do you have a backyard swimming pool, well then, that even makes the entire backyard poolscape even better?

So let us get started and talk about the construction of a new outdoor kitchen. With so many options available, you can give your new outdoor kitchen every amenity that your in-home kitchen has plus more from wood-burning pizza ovens to blazing coal rotisseries. However, there is one essential amenity, and that is choosing the right countertop. One of our favorites happens to be Granite, which we highly recommend. It is weather resistant, extremely durable, low maintenance, and an excellent investment adding more value to your home. Below we list 5 reasons why to choose Granite.

Natural and Weather Resistant Stone

Granite, the stone of the mountains is one of the natures most robust materials. Many types, especially the ones that sparkle and are rich in quartz crystals, are incredibly resistant to the rain, sun, and cold. Bacteria and fungal find it hard to grow in Granite as well.

Stylish and Looks Great Outdoors

We all would like our entire backyard poolscape to blend perfectly together, whether it be formal, tropical, or exotic. With so many styles of Granite, the kitchen you design can have the same natural beauty of your backyard along with the pool design, garden, and landscape. From the table countertop to the bar and cooking area, the natural stone is eco-friendly, giving off no emissions as some manufactured countertop products may do.

Easy To Maintain

Even for those living in states like Arizona, materials exposed to the elements can indeed tax any material. Granite, however, is one of the easiest materials to maintain for any outdoor area. However, Granite does need to be polished and sealed over a period of time, but this does not require a professional. Any homeowner with minimal experience just needs to take a few minutes with a soft cloth and a tub of granite polish and the Granite is like new.

Easy to Clean

So plan your party with lots of guests and when it is over the clean-up of Granite is easy, wipe it down with soap and water, glass cleaner without ammonia or a specific cleaning spray made just for Granite. Stains from spills don’t sink in immediately, however, do wipe down as soon as possible, some oils left over a long period can stain.

Boosts Homes Value

It is a known fact that most often newly updated outdoor living spaces significantly boost home values. According to a recent report by the national association of Realtors, more than 50% of home buyers agree to pay a premium for a home with an outdoor kitchen. By having Granite, it becomes more of a hit to potential buyers.

As with any home improvement, having an outdoor kitchen designed and built needs to have careful planning. By adding Granite the beauty and convenience the material brings can be not only an immediate reward but a long lasting one as well. The resale value will be boosted, bringing extended gratification your way.

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