Building a Pool Without Breaking the Bank

Building a Pool Without Breaking the Bank

You have made the decision to build a pool. To that, we say congratulations! However, you do not want to build a pool and, then, go broke in the process. Pools can be amazing. But you want to have some money left over in the bank when you’re finished.

What is the cheapest inground pool shape? Are there any ways you can cut costs and still have a great looking pool? Here are some ideas on getting the pool you want without going broke in the process.

Inground pool designs

There are three types of swimming pool materials. However, at No Limit Pools, we do not use fiberglass. Our reason is simple. We want to build pools that can hold up over time. Fiberglass pools are notoriously prone to cracks or breaks. A company manufactures the pool in a different location. Then, you have to pay to have it brought to your house. And, to top it off, it takes a crane to put it in. It is not cost-effective for many home buyers.

Many pool companies offer both concrete pools and vinyl pools. While concrete pools are a little more expensive than vinyl, they are also the longest-lasting pools. We have seen many concrete pools that are still being enjoyed 50 years after homeowners had them built. Also, you can remodel concrete pools.

Cost-Effective Swimming Pool Design Ideas

If you want to make your swimming pool construction cost-effective, here are some swimming pool design ideas for you.

Pool Design

First, it’s important to know that the free-form pool design is a little more expensive than designing a traditional pool. If you are trying to keep costs down, you may want to choose a more traditional pool design.

Pool heaters are the norm here in Arizona. However, you can put off buying one until it is necessary. Wait until the nights start to get cooler. Another way to save money is to decrease the size of your pool. You may have a design idea for a swimming pool that would resemble an Olympic-sized pool. It might also have an island in the middle. However, your budget may have different ideas. It is not going to hurt to downsize the pool to save money.


You may also want to think about what materials you would like to use to make your decking. Some materials, such as stone or travertine, are expensive. Wood and concrete offer cheaper options for you to use. You may also want to think about using stamped concrete as a decking alternative. Concrete is durable and cost-effective.

Other Cost-Saving Measures

There are other cost-saving measures you can try to minimize the cost of putting in a new pool. First, you can always make a smaller area around your pool now and expand it later. This is a cost-saving measure while you pay off all that pool construction. Wait a few months until the end of the season to purchase a cover. This will allow you to spread out the costs of your pool over time.

Are you thinking about building a pool without breaking the bank for your home? Then, it pays to go with a company that has a lot of experience in pool design and pool construction. Your pool builder should know all the new pool designs and features and be able to offer savings tips. Contact us at No Limit Pools & Spas in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We serve the Mesa, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Gilbert areas and beyond.


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