Free-Form Natural Pools Are the Latest Rage

Free-Form Natural Pools Are the Latest Rage

During the summer, a lot of us are ready to get back to a more natural stage. You know the feeling. Working with nature, instead of against it, and enjoying the best things it has to offer. Why should your pool be any different?

If you’re looking for a more natural pool for your backyard, you may want to try a free-form pool. What is that? Here are all the answers right here.

What Is a Free-Form Pool?

In the past, inground pools came in one shape — rectangular. You had a preformed vinyl pool set into the ground with a frame. Or, you might have a concrete pool with a frame. While these pools are classic and wonderful, many people nowadays are looking for something different. Free-form pools are the answer. Instead of one shape or one size fits all, many people are considering building a natural pool. Free-form pools aren’t regimented. Each free-form pool is different. In fact, free-form pools are great for yards that are not traditionally sized. Free-form pools for small yards can take advantage of the space you do have to create a beautiful pool.

How Is A Free-Form Pool Constructed?

To make a free-form pool, a pool company representative or pool designer will come to your house. He or she will take a look at your backyard space. Then, the designer will ask if he or she will be designing a free-form pool. Or, you may want a free-form pool with a spa.

You will also pick out the materials to surround your pool. There are lots of options to choose from with a natural pool. You may have also seen a free-form natural pool that you love that you think might look great in your yard. Pool companies can take this into consideration when thinking about your pool design. Once you have figured out your free-form pool design, you’ll still have to have your pool framed with steel. Then, you can decide on various additional feature options. You’ll also need to choose whether you want a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool.

What Goes into Free-Form Pool Design?

The best parts about free-form pools are their designs and looks. You decide. If you want a pool that is as natural-looking as possible, you may want to make natural choices. For example, you may want to choose to put down stone that is from your area around your pool. You can, then, include plants that are native to your area in your pool landscaping. Your pool coping (the area immediately next to the pool) could be natural as well. This combination of natural stone, coping, and landscaping makes the pool a natural oasis for your family.

What if you have a different idea, and you want to make your pool into your favorite Caribbean or Mediterranean vacation? No problem. Free-form natural pools can look like anything you want. If you choose a Caribbean-influenced pool, you can choose palms and other plants that reflect the islands. You can also choose materials from the area for your stone and coping. What a great way to remember your best vacation ever!

If you’re looking to build a free-form pool, you are going to want a company that knows what it’s doing. You will want a company that has a lot of experience in free-form pool design. Most of all, you will want a pool company that will give you exactly what you want. Why not give us a call today? Contact No Limit Pools & Spas in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We serve the Mesa, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Gilbert areas and beyond. We are the area’s experts in building free-form natural pools.


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