Zero-Entry Pools That Look Like a Beach

Zero-Entry Pools That Look Like a Beach

If you are like us, you are a big fan of the beach. And, what’s not to be a fan of? One minute, you are digging your toes in the sand, and the next, your feet hit that amazing salt water.

While you have all these amazing thoughts about the beach, you may wish that your pool felt the same. Maybe you would love to have a pool without the edge. If you’re looking for a pool that combines the best features of the ocean and backyard pools, you’re in luck. Here is some information on zero-entry pools.

What’s A Zero-Entry Pool?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a zero-entry pool?” You might have also asked, “What is a beach-entry pool?” “Are they the same thing?” Yes, beach-entry pools and zero-entry pools are the same. They are also called walk-in pools. All these pools feature at least one side that gradually transitions into the water. Some zero-entry pools have two or more sides with gradual slopes. Sometimes, zero-entry pool designs do not have steps at all. You simply walk into the pool. Other times, the design of the pool allows you to walk into it. Then, there are some stairs, which usually begin when you are about midway in the water. The pools also have water features designed to look like they are part of a beach landscape. They might include waterfalls or even sand.

The Pros and Cons of Zero-Entry Pools

There are lots of advantages to zero-entry pools. One of the biggest is the aesthetic. Zero-entry pools look more appealing than a standard pool. A zero-entry pool’s design makes it easier to blend into a more natural landscape. Another advantage of a zero-entry pool is the safety factor. If your family includes young children or grandparents or people with disabilities, zero-entry pools are easier to get into. The gradual slope of the pool allows them to walk into the pool safely. Zero-entry pools can even be wheelchair accessible. Zero-entry pools also allow sunbathers to put a chair or even a lounger into the shallow end of the pool. They can sunbathe as long as they want.

There are also disadvantages to having a zero-entry pool. First, zero-entry pools are relatively new to the market. This means that there are not many pool designers who know how to design a zero-entry pool. If you find a company that is familiar with the concept, it might charge you more money for its expertise. You also need more space in your backyard for a zero-entry pool. The gradual entry required to enter a zero-entry pool means there must be more area for the pool.

How Much Does a Walk-in Pool Cost?

Zero-entry pools are more expensive than traditional pools. However, once you have designed the pool, the upkeep is closer to the standard for a traditional pool. Because zero-entry pools are larger, they may require more water and a larger pump and filtration system. However, the cost of a zero-entry pool is not prohibitive. It is definitely worth it if you want a great feature in your backyard. You may also love that the pool is accessible to all the members of your family.

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