Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Inground Pools

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Inground Pools

With summer gone, this is the perfect time for you to score and have a beautiful pool built. With the cooler night breezes soon to be arriving let us help you in making the final decision.

The first thing to consider is, what kind of pool is best for you and your family? Here are the three major types of pools. Hopefully, the list will help you decide what is the best type of inground swimming pool for you.

Types of Swimming Pools

There are three inground pool types. While fiberglass and vinyl are inground pool options, we prefer to concentrate on other types. We believe they are longer-lasting and more durable. Before you decide on a pool, you need to understand what types of pools there are and the best inground pools. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.


There are many reasons why concrete is your best option. More people choose a concrete pool than any other type. Concrete pools take a bit of time to make. However, once you have installed it, the pool can last a lifetime. These pools are durable because of their construction. First, the contractor will dig a hole. Then, he or she will build a steel-reinforced structure on the pool walls. The contractor will, then, spray the pool walls with concrete. The concrete has to cure before workers can plaster it smooth and paint it or add additional décor. It takes between one and three months to install a concrete pool.

Concrete pools can fit whatever size or shape you want. Contractors can construct concrete pools into plunge pools, lap pools, and Olympic-sized pools. Whether you have a huge yard or a small yard, you can fit a concrete pool into it. Concrete pools also allow you to have specialty pool items that other pools can’t. If you have small children, you can have a sun shelf or a tanning shelf at one end. Your little guys can splash in shallow water, and you can get a little sun while staying cool. Concrete pools are also the only type of pool that contractors can remodel or refinish. You can update a concrete pool whenever you want.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are concrete pools that have a disappearing edge. In reality, they are optical illusions. The edge of your pool is still there, but your eye thinks it isn’t. We love doing infinity pools because we can blend them in with the magnificent sky or the desert landscape. Who wouldn’t want an infinity pool that takes advantage of those red cliffs we love? We have crafted infinity pools of every shape and size. The important element of an infinity pool is its edge. Some people prefer a natural edge, while others would rather have a modern edge. Either way, our infinity pools are amazing and truly considered the best inground pools.

Saltwater Pools

Many of our customers choose to have their pools use salt water rather than chlorine. There are many reasons why we love saltwater pools. First, saltwater pools are kinder to the environment. They use fewer harmful chemicals than chlorine pools. Second, saltwater pools are kinder to your body. Sometimes chlorine pools can harm people’s skin, eyes or lungs. Saltwater helps to reduce inflammation — and we can all use less of that. Third, saltwater pools have fewer issues with algae than chlorine pools. That means you get to spend more time in the water. Saltwater pools are lovely to look at, and even lovelier to swim in. Saltwater pools can come in many shapes and sizes.

If you’re ready to build your masterpiece, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We’re proud to be serving the Phoenix, Arizona, areas, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and beyond. Take a look at our gallery. You will see photos of some of the best inground pools around.

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