Luxury Pool Builder with High-End Designs

Luxury Pool Builder with High-End Designs

Let’s face it. Many builders can build a simple pool. However, it takes a special builder to create pool designs that are worthy of envy. In fact, many builders focus on simple designs and shy away from building high-end pools. Here is what a luxury pool builder looks like.

We Excel in Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

When we create a high-end pool, we do not just create the pool. Our luxury clients want us to create an entire living space for themselves, their families, and their friends. There are many examples of pools designed to be a part of an outdoor living space. For example, have you ever thought about creating a bar at one end of the swimming pool? This would allow swimmers to have a refreshment while they are still in the pool.

Your outdoor living space might also include an outdoor kitchen. There are lots of options available. You may want to think about an outdoor kitchen with a fire feature close by. This would give you a place to gather with friends and family and roast marshmallows. Luxury swimming pool designs and plans can also include a space for grilling. You could also include fire bowls or a water bowl for a truly unique look.

Luxury Pools with Waterfalls

While people use a standard pool for practical purposes, luxury pools often have attention-getting features. One of those features could be a waterfall. There are many options for waterfalls that you can choose from. One option is to install a “natural” pool setting. You may want to have a designer put a waterfall at one end of the pool. That way, your pool area could look like a mountain stream. We could enhance that effect with a plunge pool or a hot tub at one end.

What if you want something more modern? Some designs contain waterfalls with a contemporary flair. Some of our clients have asked us to use a beautiful sheer wall of steel or stone. They have asked us to install a cascading waterfall for an incredible effect. Some of our clients have included pieces of art or found architectural pieces to distinguish their waterfall concepts even further. We can even put the waterfall in the middle of the pool as part of an oasis for a truly stunning effect.

Infinity Pools

One of the benefits of living in Arizona is the magnificent landscapes the state affords its residents. As luxury pool builders, we can take advantage of these landscapes to create gorgeous infinity pools. Infinity pools are becoming very popular, and many hotels in large cities or mountain retreats have them. An infinity pool has water that seems to flow over its edge. This produces the effect that there is no boundary for the water. These pools with a disappearing edge have the advantage of being unique to the scenery. We have done infinity pools with stunning mountain or canyon views. There is truly nothing like an infinity pool to give your landscape the look of luxury.

Want to amp it up a notch? Try a double infinity pool with a bar in the middle. This allows you to take advantage of the 360-degree view of a magnificent valley. Talk about the height of luxury!

Want a luxury pool builder who will listen to your ideas, and turn your dreams into reality? Contact us. We are a custom pool contractor with years of experience in luxury pools. Give us a call today and let us start helping you design your dream pool. Contact No Limit Pools & Spas in Arizona for a customized quote.

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