New Pool Installation and What You Should Know

No Limit Pools & Spas is a highly rated pool builder with unique designs in the state of Arizona. All pool builds are created to blend beautifully within any home landscape.

Whether you decide to have a cocktail pool, plunge pool, swim spa, lap pool, or a freeform custom swimming pool designed for your home, there are several things a property owner should know before having a pool installed.

Most importantly, concerning the installation process itself.

The installation process of a swimming pool or spa can sometimes incur unforeseen expenses, and cause unwanted stress. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it is important to be informed about what to expect from your pool builders when considering a pool installation.

Here are some highlights that No Limit Pools & Spas think you should know.

The Process & What Can Happen

In-ground pool installations are major constructions. If you come away from a conversation with a pool installation company believing that you’ll “hardly know they’re there,” you have probably been misled and misinformed.

In reality, extensive machinery is needed to excavate the location of your new pool. Loud noises, major disruptions of your landscape, and other daily inconveniences can occur.

Some additional aspects of in-ground pool installations to be aware of:

  • Construction Equipment: Excavators, dump trucks, concrete trucks, cranes, and other large equipment will need access to your yard. For this reason, we recommend having your pool built at the same time your house is under construction. And, because the equipment is so heavy, it can create divots and ruts in your lawn. In order to avoid the mess to a nicely landscaped lawn, smaller equipment should be used, however, extra costs may apply depending on accessibility.
  • Damage: There is potential for damage to your property. While any pool installation company should be careful navigating around your yard, damage may occur if problem areas haven’t been pointed out ahead of time.
  • Delays: Weather delays are common during pool installations. Operating heavy equipment in bad weather is dangerous, and cause even more damage to your yard. Delays of several days may occur in the event of significant precipitation.
  • Unstable Soil or Stone: If the soil in the area of your pool installation is deemed unstable layers of compacted stone may need to be added. If large slabs of rock such as bedrock or shale are present, a hydraulic drill/hammer must be used to break up the debris so it can be excavated. Be forewarned that these processes are time-consuming.

No Limit Pools & Spas pool designers take these considerations very seriously when performing pool installations, and will make sure we create the perfect luxury pool for your home with the least amount of damage and inconvenience possible.

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