5 Pet Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners

5 Pet Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners


Pool ownership is fabulous. However, homeowners with pools know that providing a safe environment is vital.

When we think of safety, most of us think of providing a pool environment that is safe for children. Many of us may overlook that keeping our pets safe as well can save a life, after all, they are our family too.

For pet owners with a pool; we would like to share with you a few essential pet pool safety precautions that should be taken.

Rules and Guidelines

First, their needs to be pool safety rules and guidelines put in place for each member of the family to abide by. When anyone is entertaining or relaxing by the pool they must know whether to keep the dog inside or outside. When no one is home, make sure the dog cannot gain access to the pool area. A true story: two dogs got out of their house, one fell into the pool and got tangled into the cover. Thankfully, a neighbor walking by heard the dog cry. Any longer, tangled and under that cover would have had an extremely tragic outcome.

Swimming Lessons

Teach your dog to swim. Many breeds are natural swimmers, and others not so much. For many breeds, it can be a challenge. Speak with your vet if you are unsure about your dog’s ability. If you cannot train them yourself, there are canine swim teachers that can help. If your dog is just plain unable to swim or does not like it, it is imperative to keep them safe at all times.

Life Jackets

Think about a doggy life jacket. They are available and will help dogs to keep afloat. Larger dogs have low buoyancy, and older dogs can tire quickly.

Pool Cover

A good pool cover is a must. Not only can it help to manage water temperature, prevent water loss through evaporation and control chemicals, but it can also save the life of a pet. However, floating pool covers are dangerous, as shown above, with the dog falling in and getting wrapped up in it. If your pet gets trapped under it, it can be tragic. A sturdy cover that is anchored to the outside can be a life-saver. The straps and sturdy material provide for a secure trampoline-like cover.

Backyard or Pool Fence

A fence around the pool is also highly recommended. In some states, it is a law to have one 4 to 5 feet high. So let’s install that fence even if it is not required in your area. An excellent sturdy fence will not only protect your pet but will keep out the neighbor’s pets as well. And for your pet make sure all gates are properly fastened at all times.

Having a pool is so much fun for family and friends. Apply these pet pool safety tips and your dogs can have fun too, the safe way.

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