4 Unique Pool Patio and Deck Design Ideas

4 Unique Pool Patio and Deck Design Ideas

Your pool is more than just a place to cool off on a hot day. With so many gorgeous and unique pool deck design ideas available, you can easily create the tropical oasis of your dreams.

Enjoy entertaining? Include plenty of lounge chairs, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen!

Have kids that love to swim? Be sure your pool deck has plenty of open space to move around and play games.

From water features and landscaping to lighting options and asphalt paving, there are countless pool deck ideas to choose from.

Grab your towel and keep reading to discover a few of the best!

1. Sun Deck

This is the perfect pool deck design idea for those looking for complete relaxation. Sun decks offer ample space around the pool for catching some rays and lounging with friends. The deck area is adjacent to the pool so you can easily take a dip to cool off between your fruity beverages.

Looking for a more convenient way to splash around? Consider installing an in-pool sun deck. This platform is located inside the pool in about 5-8 inches of water allowing you to sunbathe comfortably in the water.

2. Garden Oasis

A trending pool deck design idea involves incorporating nature into your space. Enhance your pool’s natural setting by replacing excessive seating with lush, full shrubbery and landscaping. Tropical plants make the perfect addition to this design.

Install pavers leading up to the pool deck with grass in between to help connect all the natural elements of the outdoor space. Add a calming water feature to create a serene escape from reality. Getting experts from pavers pleasanton ca to help beautify your lawn is a great idea.

3. Bistro

Are you working with a small outdoor space? Just because you don’t have a large pool doesn’t mean your pool deck can’t still be breathtaking. Bistro patios are designed specifically to utilize your pool desk space wisely.

Place a small table and chair beside the pool or connected by a short pathway. You can also add steps onto your pool deck to elevate the seating area and add more dimension.

Larger pool decks can use the same basic design features of the bistro patio by creating several small seating areas including benches, outdoor couches, and a fire pit.

4. Covered Lanai

If you love being poolside but dislike direct sun, consider a covered lanai or patio as in your pool decking design.

Many pool decks have covered lanais attached directly to the house. Here you can install ceiling fans, a television, table and chairs, and even a small outdoor kitchen, keeping it safe from the elements.

If your pool is located far from the main house, build a small covered area where guests can relax in the shade and still feel a part of the action.

Get Creative with Your Pool Deck Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool deck design ideas you want something extravagant, elegant, and functional.

Start by brainstorming how you want to use the space. Are you an entertainer who loves hosting parties or do you prefer a more laidback area built for relaxation and reflection?

Whatever your vision, the professionals at No Limit Pools and Spas can make it a reality.

Browse our impressive gallery here and contact us to discuss the details and our helpful financing options.

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