Patio Cover Designs That Will Bring Entertaining to a New Level

Are you thinking of installing a patio cover for your outdoor area?

Adding a patio to your home can increase your living area, give you a beautiful space to relax in, facilitate awesome barbeque nights, and even up the value of your home. Estimates from NAR Realtor say that a porch can have an ROI of over 100%.

However, a porch is not all that useful if it doesn’t have a cover over it. Without a cover, bad weather will chase you indoors, and warm weather will have you wishing for a spot of shade—or some SPF 100.

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor area, then you definitely want to think about installing a patio cover. But before you do, you also need to think carefully about what design you want. A patio cover will influence the look and feel of your entire outdoor area and home, either for the better, or—if not planned properly—for the worse.

Fortunately, there are lots of ideas to choose from. Keep reading to discover some of the patio cover plans that will make your house proud every time you entertain.

Get Pretty With a Pergola and Flowering Vines

One of the most eye-catching patio cover ideas is pergolas. Pergolas can be incredibly attractive if done right, and give the feeling of summer, relaxation, and country luxury.

The key to transforming a pergola into an eyecatching feature is to cover them with flowering vines, such as climbing roses, honeysuckle, or jasmine. One of the benefits of pergolas is that when they are fully covered in creepers, they can be cooler than other patio covers.

The main disadvantage of pergolas is that they, of course, do not protect you from rain and bad weather. Fortunately, we do not have much of that in Arizona.

Bring in the Light With Translucent Roof Sheets

If you have a large patio area that you wish to cover with a solid roof—you might want to consider using translucent roof sheets to bring in more light.

Big patios can often become dark when covered. Large, covered patios can also reduce the amount of natural light that enters your home through any patio facing windows. If you cannot decide on the window design, go to Maverick Windows → options and choose the design that suits your space and patio.

Thanks to our state’s temperatures you probably don’t want to go with a fully translucent roof as this can increase the heat levels on your patio. Instead, you can opt to intersperse translucent sheeting through your roof design.

Wood for the Win

Nothing to speaks to rustic charm like a wood patio cover. A classic choice, wood-themed patio rooves will look good with just about any home. Natural materials are very in at the moment, which makes wood-based patio design ideas easy to pair with most architectural styles.

If you feel that an all-wood patio cover will be too dark, you can choose to have it whitewashed. You can also opt to have certain sections painted while leaving key elements exposed such as beams and pillars.

Get Creative With Color

Speaking of painting, you will find this informative post quite interesting. There are some stunning patio cover designs that incorporate unusual paint colors such as turquoise or mint green. If done right, the use of color can make your patio into a visually appealing and unique feature.

Do You Need Help With Your Patio Cover?

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