Top 3 Pool Types Best Suited for Arizona Homes

Top 3 Pool Types Best Suited for Arizona Homes

Unique Pool Types

It’s super hot in Arizona—and temperatures are rising. Access to a pool in the state is practically a necessity, and having your own is a huge convenience.

If you buy a swimming pool, your household can cool off whenever you want to. Having a personal pool makes social distancing easy, too. Reviewing pool types before buying can be overwhelming, but reading about these three great options is a breeze.

1. Fun for Families With Sophisticated Style

Entertaining children is a big job at any time, there’s no doubt about it. But since many kids these days spend more time at home due to the public health crisis, that job got even bigger. While any pool is a treat for kids who know how to swim, most “one size fits all” in-ground pools aren’t primed for family entertainment.

Make no mistake: A family-friendly pool doesn’t have to look like kids’ stuff. A great choice for Arizona backyards is adding kid-friendly wading pools or shallow ends and fun extras like water slides to sophisticated, modern pool designs.

Having a pool for the whole family doesn’t mean you should let young kids play in the water without an adult present. It takes no more than a couple of seconds for things to go very wrong. Luckily, even watching your kids from the sidelines is a treat for the eyes with a beautiful, custom-designed family pool.

2. Try a Creative Inground Pool Oasis

If you want to impress, get a custom swimming pool with fountains and waterfalls. These oases are awe-inspiring anywhere, but in Arizona’s daily heat, a good custom-designed pool looks like a miracle of nature.

There’s no denying that constructing an inground pool with a modern design or a tropical look with decorative rocks and water features takes time. Yet, quality pool builders work as fast as they can without losing quality, and the construction process is a small hassle for the beautiful end result.

3. Infinity Pools Are the Sleekest of All Pool Types

Top 3 Pool Types Best Suited for Arizona Homes

Of all the types of inground pools, infinity pools generate the most buzz among professionals and amateur pool aficionados alike. When you see one, you understand exactly why they’re so popular.

The water goes all the way to the pool’s edge, and waterfalls into a system that pumps it back into the pool. Some homeowners choose to include more natural waterfalls made for viewing, while others minimize the waterfall edges for a more mysterious effect.

Infinity pools are expensive, but buying one puts a whole lot of equity in your pocket.

Buy From a Pool Company That Knows Arizona

Now that you know about these three top pool types, you’re ready to put a pool in your backyard. Look no further than No Limit Pools for all your swimming pool needs.

We can build the custom pool of your dreams. Our name is no exaggeration—Choosing our services means you get unlimited options with a personal touch that big corporations can’t offer. We know the state, and our services are tailor-made for Arizonans.

Get set up to cool down in the Arizona heat today: Give us a call at 602-421-9379 or send us a message today.

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