Best Plants for Pool Waterfalls

Have you been wondering how to enhance your backyard?

Do you have a pool and wondering what the best plants for pool waterfalls are?

There are various ways to enhance your garden, including vibrant plants, beautiful lighting, quality outdoor furnishings and eye-catching ornamentation.

An often-neglected space, however, is around pools, particularly around pool waterfalls. People may believe that a pool waterfall is a striking feature on its own, but there are many ways that unique Arizona pool landscaping can make your outdoor space even more inviting, for example putting the best plants for pool waterfalls around can really enhance your pools landscape.

Ideal Plants for Pool Waterfall

Before deciding on pool plants in Arizona, it’s important to consider what foliage will both flourish in the desert climate and also look great throughout the year. Plants will need to be able to withstand long periods of harsh sunlight. Some larger or leafier plants might also provide much-welcome shade from the strong sunshine.

Ideal plants for pool waterfalls are those that don’t cause excessive debris, such as falling leaves, petals or seeds, that could fall into the water. Too much litter means more frequent pool cleaning, and could also result in clogged filters.

Plants used in Arizona pool landscaping should ideally require little water to survive; too much irrigation can damage pool equipment and surroundings.

Take into account personal preferences too, such as desired floral color schemes. Consider, for example, if any household members have allergies to particular types of plants. It’s also important to consider toxicity of plants, particularly if there are children or pets in the household

Also think about blooming times to avoid pool plants in Arizona that only look great certain times of the year. The best Arizona pool landscaping will either contain a mixture of plants that bloom at different times of year or plants that aren’t seasonal.

Best Plants for Pool Waterfalls

Whether you prefer trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, cacti or succulents, these are some of the best plants for pool waterfalls in Arizona:


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Eucalyptus

Several varieties of eucalyptus are ideal plants for a pool waterfall in Arizona, including:

  • Lemon-flowered gum, with bright yellow flowers and a delicate fragrance
  • Red-cap gum, with a contrast of dark green leaves, pale stems and red caps
  • Coral-flowered gum, with a medium height and rose-colored blossoms
  • Swamp mallee, with long and narrow ribbon-like leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Acacia

Acacia trees can be beautiful in Arizona pool landscaping, including:

  • Weeping acacia, with blue-gray hanging foliage and small yellow flowers
  • Abyssinian acacia, with wide foliage cover to offer shade
  • Shoestring acacia, with long green weeping leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Windmill Palm

Palm trees add a touch of the tropical to any pool. Great varieties for around pools in Arizona include:

  • Mediterranean fan palm, with multiple stems and dense patches of leaves near the top
  • Date palm, with sweet edible fruit
  • Windmill palm, with thin rounded leaves at the top of a narrow stem


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Agave

Ideal for year-round beauty, several agave succulents grow well in Arizona, such as:

  • Octopus agave, with long twisting leaves
  • Queen Victoria agave, with spiny rosettes
  • Parry’s agave, with rosettes of gray pointed leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Yucca

Perfect for dry climates, yucca’s live for several years. Great poolside yuccas include:

  • Banana yucca, with pretty flowers and banana-shaped fruit
  • Spanish bayonet, with sharp spear-shaped leaves and pale flowers
  • Soaptree yucca, with tall brown fruit


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Firecracker Pensteman

Add bursts of color to your pool waterfall with flower species like:

  • Firecracker penstemon, with vibrant red tube-shaped flowers
  • Blackfoot daisies, with contrasting light and dark flowers
  • Desert honeysuckle, with long flowers and a sweet scent
  • Rain lily, with small dainty flowers and grass-like leaves
  • Golden fleece, with many small yellow flowers
  • Bearded iris, with flamboyant multi-petal flowers in various colors

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