A Beach Entry Pool Explained In Detail

A Beach Entry Pool Explained In Detail

What is a Beach Entry Pool

The US has 27 landlocked states. That’s states that have no direct access to a bay, gulf, or ocean. Arizona is one of them.

Although Arizona does have beaches, none of them have a connection to a major ocean. Residents can, however, access the Pacific coast through California. They can also get to the Gulf of California via Sonora.

This might be the reason some homeowners are trying to replicate the experience. They’re considering beach entry pool designs for their homes.

If you’re one of them, there are a few things you should know. Read on to find out what they are.

What is a Pool with a Beach Entry?

It may be more familiarly known as a beach entry pool or a zero entry pool. Regardless of what you call it, they’ve been around for years. The pool’s entry point is similar to that of a beach and slopes into the water.

A beach entry pool with a slope doesn’t need traditional entry points such as stairs or ladders. With a beach entry pool, you’ll walk into the shallow end, and with every step, the water gets deeper.

The progression is usually gradual. So the feeling is similar to wading into the ocean. Conversely, it allows you to walk out of the water onto dry ground.

Beach Entry Pool Designs

Most pool builders use concrete when designing beach entry pools. It always you to replicate the look and feel of the ocean experience. It also gives you more flexibility when it comes to style and color.

If adding a beach entry design to your existing pool, you can tailor it to the width of your pool. However, your entry could be narrower as well.

Pool Accents

To create a true beach feel, use accents. These are usually placed on both sides of the entry point.

You can add features such as submerged accent boulders or other decorative materials. For a bolder look, try ornamental statues that feature aquatic creatures.

Fountains are also a nice added touch. You can have them spouting flowing water across the entryway. These help to highlight the area and give a more natural feel.

If you’re leaving the entryway dry, you can place lounge chairs at the higher point of the slope. You can even integrate an umbrella canopy. You can relax on your chair under your umbrella at the water’s edge as you would on the beach.

Pool Material

A dry entryway may limit the material you can use. Some surface materials are for underwater use. If you decide to immerse the area in water, you have the option of:

  • A pebble finish
  • Marcite plaster
  • Color quartz

Or simply use the same material as the interior of your pool. This will give you more color options. You can also make the beach entry more noticeable by using a different color than the interior tile of the pool.

If you’re leaving the area dry, you can use natural flagstone.

Living the Beach Life

You can live the beach life every day in Arizona with a beach entry pool. The slope incorporated in beach entry pool designs is the main element that gives it its name.

It’s a creative twist on the traditional pool. But one that lets you bask at the water’s edge similarly to when you’re at the beach.

Adding natural features can make the design even more authentic. An experienced swimming pool company can help you create your backyard getaway.

No Limit Pools & Spas have been transforming Arizona backyards for years. We can customize your beach entry pool so you’ll never want to leave. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

We can design any size, shape and style pool you desire. But before you stop here and move on, make sure you check out how we continue to rise above our Arizona pool build competitors.


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