Visualize and How To Make Your Pool More Interesting

Visualize and How To Make Your Pool More Interesting

Custom Pool Design to Make Your Pool More Interesting

A pool is a significant investment. The cost of a basic inground pool can start at about $25,000 and go up from there. There are many things to consider when deciding the type of pool you want. Developing swimming pool ideas for your backyard relaxation, fitness and entertainment can be overwhelming at first.

So here we want to ease your stress and show you a few things to consider when envisioning a new custom inground pool, its design and making your pool the most interesting it can be. 

Time, Size, Shape and Maintenance

  • Time – How much time are you going to spend in the pool? How much time are you going to devote to maintaining your pool? Pools are an investment; they do not do well when left to sit on their own. If you choose to close the pool during the winter months it must be winterized. During the busy hot summer months it must be properly chlorinated and maintained.
  • Size – How much space in your yard can you set aside for the pool? How deep do you want the pool? How many gallons of water a pool need depends on its size. Be mindful of costs when considering the concentrated chemicals to buy and the cost of filling up the pool. Your lifestyle and what you will use the pool for will determine the depth. If the pool will be used for fitness and swimming laps, you will not need a deep end; however, if you have children and teens who want to dive, then yes, a deep end of at least 8 feet will be a must. Considering a shallow end of about 3 feet is an excellent option for tiny children.
  • Shape – Even small yards can have excellent inground pools. Work with the available space and leave enough space for patios, lounge furniture, appealing landscaping and even an outdoor kitchen with a custom patio cover.
  • Maintenance – Make sure that you use a reputable and reliable maintenance company. While maintaining your pool on your own can save you money in the short run, issues that professionals quickly catch can protect you from detrimental effects to your pool that will cost you more money down the road.


Visualize and How To Make Your Pool More Interesting

Interesting Designs, Fun Shapes, Great Greenery, Water Features, Lighting and more.

Now let’s go further and visualize how to make the pool even more interesting with a few custom swimming pool design ideas. The following are some ways to customize your pool so that it leaves your family, friends, and neighbors in awe.

  • Paint before Fill – Hire an artist to paint you a tropical undersea theme on your liner before filling with water. A mural in your pool will add a tasteful and whimsical design element that many other pool owners don’t even think about.
  • Greenery – Invest in large ferns and beach plants to place around your pool. Doing this will make your inground pool seem more like an oasis, and people will be impressed by the creative use of nature in your pool space. Too often, inground pools are encased in so much concrete that you can forget you’re actually outside. Invest in greenery!
  • Cool Shapes – Free shape pools are more than just fun; they can cater to your exact needs when dealing with possibly limited space on your property. Besides the obvious kidney shape that tends to be the most popular, you can also have a pool in the form of a guitar or a cloud. You can take liberty with designing your pool space by choosing a free-form shape pool.
  • Water Features – You can choose to install a waterfall, jets, or bubblers in your pool to give it variety and more aesthetic beauty. You can select a moss-covered rocky finish or a more modern tiled backdrop for your waterfall. You can add your style when choosing a waterfall or even have one custom built! There are so many custom pool design ideas to be made aware of when it comes to water features.
  • Lighting – What’s a pool at night without the correct type of lighting. Today’s pool lighting has come a long way since the illumination of yesterday. Colors are the hot trend, and people are creating a mood with all the new pool LED lighting options available.

Visualize and Make Your New Inground Pool Interesting Today

Selecting the right inground custom swimming pool builders can be difficult, but there’s nothing more critical regarding your pool and home value. Here are some tips to ensure you’re selecting the right pool builder.

  • Reputable – It’s essential to choose a company with excellent and consistent reviews on Google and other social platforms. Feel free to see how No Limit Pools continues to rank above its Arizona pool builder competitions
  • Licensed and Insured – This is simple, but ensure that your pool builders are licensed and insured.
  • Customer-focused – Make sure you choose a company that will go above and beyond to ensure that precisely what you want is what you get: the backyard of your dreams.  A customer-focused pool build company will have the knowledge and expertise to help you visualize your perfect pool, than design and build it, making it truly interesting along the way.

At No Limit Pools and Spas we are family-owned and have been in business for a very long time. We know exactly what it takes to retain customers and give them exactly what they want. So if you’re ready for a truly interesting and incredible custom inground swimming pool and to have the perfect backyard, contact No Limit Pools today for your free consultation. We will be happy to start custom designing your amazing poolscape.

Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation for creating unique, striking and certainly interesting, custom pool designs in Arizona and the Maricopa County area, We are located in Mesa, AZ.

Our happy customers come from all over Maricopa County, and beyond including but certainly not limited to Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ.


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