5 Steps to a Flawless Sunless Tan

5 Steps to a Flawless Sunless Tan

So, you live in Arizona and want to fit in with your friends but do not like to bake in the sun. Well, we have a solution. Follow these simple steps to a great summer glow in just 24 hours!

Using a quality sunless tanning product is only half the battle. Avoid that tell-tale orange color of sunless tanning products by using these five steps to a flawless sunless tan.


Shave and Exfoliate


Shave and exfoliate for 6 hours before getting ready to sunless tan. Make sure you don’t moisturize before the next step. This will allow the perfect conditions for your skin to absorb the tanning product.


Be cautious about sunless tanning directly after showering. Pours expand during the bathing process. If you sunless tan too soon after showering, your pours may pick up excess product. Allow at least 6 hours after bathing but try not to wait more than 12 hours. After 12 hours, oils on your skin may prevent the product from absorbing.


Apply Lotion


Use lotion on key body parts first. Which body parts? Any place that you tend to have to over moisturize. These parts are usually kneecaps, elbows, soles of your feet, back of your heel, and your palms. Lightly moisturize these areas first to avoid excessive absorption of the tanning product.


Use a Mitt, Towel and Brush


Use a mitt, towel, or brush to even out the product on your skin. While the glove usually works the best, soft towels, microfiber cloths, and even foundation brushes work well to blend the product into your skin. This is especially important when doing your hands and feet.

Avoid getting product on your palms or soles of your feet. Instead, blend the product on the tops of your hands and feet, and make sure to get in between your fingers. Make a claw with your hand, and be sure to get into the cracks of your knuckles.


Keep Product On Skin


Keep the product on for at least 6 hours. However, most products claim to be effective after one hour. Try to keep it on as long as possible before showering. Most products contain a bronzer which is just a temporary color to show you where the product has been applied, but after the product has been absorbed, it’s meant to be washed off. The product will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.


Some bronzers look horrible when first applied. If, after using your sunless tanning product, you aren’t happy with how you look, fear not. Most products even out after being rinsed off, and the developed tan looks much more realistic than the initial bronzer.




Moisturize after rinsing. Directly after rinsing the bronzer off, you should moisturize heavily. This will help seal in the product and give you the longest-lasting streak-free tan. Avoid showering excessively for the duration of your sunless tan. This will keep your tan looking good for longer. Instead, continue to moisturize after showering until you are ready to re-apply your tan.


Most products will start to “streak” as they fade. This refers to the uneven color that can result from fading. Try to plan your tans around social events. Your tan will look best 24-48 hours after using the product and fade from there at a rate depending on your showering and swimming schedule. Exfoliating helps streaking fade quickly.


By following these simple steps, you should get a great tan from even sub-par sunless tanning products. In addition, avoiding the palms and soles of the feet will keep your skin from turning that tell-tale orange color that is the dead giveaway for a sunless tan.

Now Are You Ready For The Swimming Pool?


Now that you are going to get that beautiful, flawless, sunless tan that you have wanted without baking in the sun, are you ready for the swimming pool? But do not worry custom designed covers can keep you out of the sun and still look fantastic with your new sunless tan.


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