Phoenix Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Phoenix Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Phoenix Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Did you know that the size of Phoenix, AZ, backyards have gotten smaller? This is because the homes are getting bigger while the backyard is shrinking in size. An example is the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix.

When real estate prices began to skyrocket, this neighborhood, with modest-sized ranch homes on one-acre lots, began to change. The developers saw an opportunity to tear down the small houses and sub-divide them into oversized lots. A single home on a one-acre lot now became four. As this change happened in Arcadia, it has also played out in other Phoenix neighborhoods.

So now you are the happy owner of one of these homes with a much smaller backyard. However, since the weather in Phoenix can get quite hot, you want the custom inground swimming pool you have desired for a long time. How are you going to do this with such a small backyard?

Do not worry! Do not stress! You have come to the right place, where there are NO LIMITS. The pool builders at No Limit Pools can design and build a pool in any shape and size. A custom inground swimming pool that will fit beautifully within the limits of your backyard.

Building a custom inground pool in your backyard will come at a cost but is an excellent investment, especially if you, your family and your friends will be spending a significant amount enjoying the tremendous benefits.

When you have restricted space, it’s crucial to have an expert pool and landscape design team that can create a practical, original, beautiful and inviting poolscape.

We list a few Phoenix small backyard pool landscaping ideas that can easily make your small backyard pool and landscape attractive, look larger and without losing functionality.


Add Depth

A small pool in a small backyard can be amazing when you liven up the landscape. By creating depth, you would be amazed at the fantastic effect of making the area appear larger than life.

Did you know that colors have a unique way of interacting with the human eye? Cool colors such as blue, purple and green have a calming effect and make objects appear smaller and further away. Whereas warm colors such as orange, red and yellow provide a feeling of excitement and energy, resulting in objects appearing bigger and closer.

Add color to the garden areas surrounding the pool decking to generate depth. By incorporating cool and warm plant colors, you will be creating the illusion of a larger space. Since the warm colors will appear closer, place warm-colored plants in the front and the cool color plants in the back. The cool-colored plants will act as a beautiful backdrop. 


Add Texture

While adding depth is an excellent idea, consider adding texture as well. The combination of both will truly enhance a small backyard and pool area. 

When we speak about texture, we refer to what can be seen and felt. Plants offer texture through their bark, fruits and flowers, with the foliage being the primary component.

The texture of foliage ranges from fine, to medium, to course. By combining all three foliage textures, you will add depth to the landscape. Consider contrasting textures if you want the landscape to be bold, creating the most drama.

Fine-textured plants are similar to the cool-colored ones as their relatively small leaves will make the garden appear bigger. In contrast, the coarse-textured plants mostly have large leaves, making them bold and dominant. Using them sparingly mixed with the fine-textured plants will add a stunning ambiance.


Add Natural Stone

Another excellent Phoenix small backyard landscape idea is implementing natural stone.

Natural stone is an excellent material to use around the pool and landscape. Paths and walkways through the garden, perhaps leading to a gazebo, are always an excellent idea. Another option is to build a retaining wall with natural stone for a tiered look around the pool. How about placing rocks around the pool with planters and fire bowls? When it comes to natural stone ideas and working with an expert in pool design and landscaping there is NO LIMIT to what can be done.


Let There Be NO LIMIT!


With No Limit Pools & Spas, there is NO LIMIT! Whether you have a Phoenix small backyard or large one, there are NO LIMITS when choosing our team to design and build your custom pool and landscaping.

Contact No Limit Pools & Spas today.


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