How To Choose The Best Decking For Your Pool

Choosing The Best Decking For Your Pool

In Arizona, there is a residential pool for every 1 in 13 people, the highest pool-to-person ratio in the entire country. It’s easy to see why; a desert backyard offers a stunning vista, but summer afternoons can be unbearable to enjoy without a pool- leaving your land woefully unused. However, if you’ve already decided it’s time to build your own, there is one other step you might have forgotten about, your pool deck.

So, if you were wondering, how do you choose a pool deck and what will be the best decking for your pool? Then this is the article for you. Continue reading to learn what to consider to find the best pool decking for your home for which you might need to Buy a Cultipacker.


The Types of Pool Decks

The different types of pool decking differ in the materials used. The most common pool deck materials found in homes fall into two categories: cement or pavers, both prized for their design options, durability, and classic look. Learn more by checkign out the next url,

However, if you have a raised deck around an above-ground pool, you will likely not have the infrastructure to support stone, brick, or cement. In this case, it’s often recommended to use wood which you can mold and work with the cheapest cnc machine or engineered wood instead.

But, whatever you choose, it’s essential that it matches the aesthetic of your pool design and home. For example, a freeform pool with hardscaped rock elements and an overall natural feel will look strange against the harsh lines of a modernist design.


What Is the Best Patio for Around a Pool?

The best decking for your pool should combine form and function. The experts recommend working with materials that are non-slip (especially if you have children) and are mold and mildew-resistant. In the dry, arid climate of most of Arizona, you can achieve this with both cement and paver options.

The most naturally slip-resistant material is concrete, especially when finished with a brushed texture. You can also use cement stone pavers or stamped cement to get the exact look you’re going for while retaining the safety features you need. Alternatively, stone pavers are infamous for becoming slippery when wet, so if you have your heart set on stone, you should inquire about additional surface treatments that can add traction.


What Is the Coolest Material for a Pool Deck?

The decking material you choose should also take into consideration your climate. In Arizona, this means it must stay comfortably cool to walk on, even in over 100°F weather. Therefore, you should stick to lighter colors and good heat reflectivity. The materials that perform the worst in this regard are brick and tile.


Let Your Pool Design Shine With the Right Pool Decking

Your pool decking should add to the overall experience of your swimming pool. It must work harmoniously with both pool’s aesthetic and how you intend to use it. When in doubt while searching the best decking to put around your swimming pool, consult experts to determine the deck that checks all your boxes.

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