Guide To Average Pool Sizes for Arizona Homes

Are There Average Pool Sizes in Arizona?

In Arizona, we know that the only way to beat the summer heat is to take a dip. It’s unsurprising, then, that the US city with the most privately owned pools per capita is Phoenix, Arizona.

What if your Arizona home didn’t come equipped with a pool? What if a pool is the final element you need to turn your property into your dream oasis?

If so, the first question to ask is, “What size pool is right for me?” This can seem like a daunting question with no right answers, but we’re here to help.

Read on to learn more about average pool sizes and standard pool sizes, rules and regulations that might impact your pool size, and more.

What Is the Average Pool Size for an Arizona Home?

As of right now, there are no accurate statistics regarding the average pool size in Arizona. Many of our clients want to know what the average pool size in Arizona is because they hope that it will provide guidance. The truth is that averages are often skewed by extreme figures, which would likely be the case here.

What do we mean by that? Most Arizona pool owners are going to have a standard-sized pool, which we’ll discuss below. However, we’re seeing a new trend of micro pools being built in small spaces such as townhouse yards. There are also some seriously massive privately owned pools on major estates in some of the wealthiest counties in the state.

While average sizes can seem like a useful measurement, they may also paint an unrealistic portrait of what most homeowners in Arizona are doing with their pool designs.

Standard Swimming Pool Size for Home Use

Let’s talk about standard swimming pool sizes, instead. At No Limit Pools, we’ve done quite a bit of custom work that deviates from these standards. However, we find that talking about standard inground pool sizes can make it easier to start conceptualizing our projects.

Keep in mind that most private pools, regardless of size, have a maximum depth of about 5.5 feet. It is the perimeter, which we tend to talk about in terms of width by length, that differs. Standard sizes include:

  • 10 feet by 20 feet
  • 15 feet by 30 feet
  • 20 feet by 40 feet

If trying to imagine how much space that would actually take up is difficult, note that 10 feet is about the length of two park benches side by side and 40 feet is about the length of a semi-truck trailer.

What Size Pool Is Right For Me?

Picking the right size pool is more complicated than selecting from one of the three standard inground pool sizes. You will need to take a variety of factors into consideration before getting started on your pool design. If you’re still wondering, “How big should my pool be?” keep reading to learn more about what will impact the size of your pool.

City Regulations

One of the first things to consider is the regulations imposed by your city. Because an inground pool is considered a major renovation, you will need to abide by city regulations and obtain permits before breaking ground.

What kinds of regulations can you expect? Let’s take Mesa’s pool regulations as an example. According to Mesa regulations, private inground pools must:

  • not drain into the street
  • be no closer to an electrical outlet than six feet
  • not be built on a public utility easement
  • be built no closer than four feet from property lines

These are just a few examples of the kinds of regulations you will need to meet when planning your backyard pool.

HOA Rules

There are at least 5,000 HOAs in the state of Arizona. If you live in a community with an HOA, check any HOA guidance you’ve received as a member.

HOA rules tend to regulate changes made to a property that can impact your fellow neighbors. An HOA may limit where you can build your pool, what features you can add to your pool, and even the times when you can use your pool. Breaking HOA rules can result in fines and other issues, not to mention tension with the neighbors!

Desired Uses and Features

How do you intend to use your pool? Do you want your pool to become the hangout spot for your entire family? Do you plan on doing laps in your pool?

Uses and features will always impact the size of your pool. For example, if you intend to install a diving board, you will need a greater maximum depth than 7 feet. If you want to swim laps in your pool, considering a lap pool with a length of at least 35 feet will enable you to get the most swimming benefits.

Overall Backyard Uses

How you want to use the pool isn’t the only thing to think about. You should also take into account how you want to use your entire backyard.

If you’ve got acres to play with, this probably won’t make a huge impact on the size of your pool. However, most suburban and urban backyards have limited space, which means that you should think about how much yard space you want to dedicate to other activities, like lounging, gardening, and cooking outdoors.

If you yardspace is small or you simply want a small pool there are a variety of new pool types that are growing in popularity: cocktail pools, spools and plunge pools. Though they are all small pools, each are different.

Cocktail pools are generally no larger than 400 to 500 square feet, with the average dimensions being 12′ to 14′.  Their depth is usually 4 to 5 feet deep.

Spools are basically a cocktail pool. It is a new term of today because it will have additional spa features. Both cocktail pools and spools are about 25 times the size of an average bathtub.

The size of plunge pools range from 6′ x 10′ to 7′ x 13′ to 8′ x 8′; it can be any size your choose. The depth is generally 5/5′ to 7 feet. Plunge pools even though they are considered small pools  provide enough room to swim and for aquatic exercise.

Guide To Average Pool Sizes for Arizona Homes

Your Pool Budget

Last but not least, you will need to consider your pool budget. Our financing options can help you to build the pool of your dreams, but it’s important to stay realistic about the investment you can make.

Naturally, smaller pools tend to cost less than larger pools. However, you may be able to stretch a budget to fit a larger pool with fewer features and customizations.


Let No Limit Pools Help You Design the Perfect Pool

With this “Guide To Average Pool Sizes for Arizona Homes” we hope that we’ve helped you to answer the question, “What size pool is right for me?” This quick and simple guide isn’t the only advice we have to offer.

If you want to start talking about pool design, whether you’re going for an average pool size, a standard size or custom dimensions, contact us today.

We custom build all size and shape pools to meet city regulations, HOA rules, individuals desires, needs and lifestyle, as well as meeting all budgets and more. Our incredible pool designs can be seen throughout Maricopa County AZ and beyond, including but not limited to Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale.