How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?

Complete Guide as to The Time it Takes to Build an Inground Swimming Pool

Building a luxurious inground pool can boost your home’s value, improve your health, and take your backyard barbecues to a whole new level. But, it’s a lengthy and complex process that is best left to the experts.

Wondering how long does it take to build a pool and what the steps look like? Searching for the very best Arizona pool company?

If so, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn all about the pool-building process, and why you should trust No Limit Pools and Spas with your backyard transformation.

Design and Permitting

The very first step in building the backyard pool of your dreams is hiring an expert pool designer. This person will help bring your ideas to life, provide an experienced crew to perform the work, and manage other elements of your project, like insurance.

During the design process, a modern pool builder will offer you access to 3D designs that make it easy to envision your project’s final outcome. This valuable tool will also help you play with different ideas and elements to see what will look good where.

Once you’ve settled on a design, the city or county where you live must be contacted to apply for the necessary permits. This is typically a fast process, taking just a few days to complete.

In total, you can expect design and permitting to take one to four weeks.


How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?, pool design and permits

Demolition and Excavation

Using modern equipment, it should only take a few days to excavate your backyard, digging the hole where your new pool will go.

That said, you can expect a longer time frame if you are demolishing an existing pool, or dealing with underground obstacles like utility lines or plumbing.

It’s also important to note that your builder won’t just be digging out the area where the pool goes. They’ll also need to remove dirt, grass, and other materials from the areas designated for decking, new landscaping, and any outdoor living areas that you’re planning to build.

You should plan a full week for this step in the construction process. And, keep in mind that this part of the job is definitely weather dependent.

Still wondering what to expect during demo and digging? Check out this gallery for a look at what excavation might look like.

Steel Installation

After the excavation and digging, the foundation size and shape is now formed by the use of steel/rebar. Due to the various techniques, experts are necessary to bend and form the steel to the shape of the new inground swimming pool.

This process takes approximately two days.

Plumbing and Electrical

Once your demolition and excavation process is complete, along with the steel frame, it’s time to start routing the pool’s electrical and plumbing components.

The timeline for this step is among the hardest to predict, as it will vary greatly based on what kinds of custom features you’ve decided on.

Heating, lighting, and water features should all be considered along with basic equipment like your pool’s pump and filter. And, if you’re adding an outdoor living space like a kitchen or bar, you can expect a more complicated and lengthy process.

Fully installing your pool’s plumbing and electric lines can take just a few days for a basic project, or even a few weeks if you’re opting for a luxurious backyard overhaul. It’s important that you hire an emergency plumbers sydney that is available anytime, and if you have a problem with the pipes, it will be fixed right away.

It’s also essential to keep steps like electrical inspection in mind. These are often managed by the city or county where you live, so your builder might not have control over how quickly they are completed.

Installation of Shotcrete or Gunite

This process takes approximately three days.

Shotcrete will be applied already mixed with water . Gunite will be applied as a dry plaster which will mix with water as it comes out of the hose. In the end both will harden as the foundation to the size and shape of the new custom inground pool.

The three days includes the drying time of either the shotcrete or gunite.

Building and Installation

How long it takes to build a pool will depend heavily on which type of shell you choose. This decision will also have a major impact on the overall cost to build a pool.

While the above statements might make fast and affordable options like vinyl and fiberglass sound best, homeowners who want to enjoy their pool for years to come should think again.

Budget backyard pools made from these cheaper materials are prefabricated and shipped whole. So, they’re hard to customize – and even harder to make look good!

Instead, opt for high-quality concrete or gunite. These are the highest-quality materials on the market, and they’ll last the longest, too.

Using a concrete base with plaster, stone, and tile accents is your best bet. And, while you’ll certainly pay a bit more and wait longer for the project to be completed, you’ll be happy that you did.

Depending on the accents and special features you’ve chosen, this step could take up to 2 months to complete.

Landscaping and More

Once your pool shell is complete, it’s time to install pool surrounds and round out your yard with a bit of landscaping.

Coping and decking will be installed first, along with lighting and water features. This is also when your builder will add custom elements like shade structures, kitchens, fire features, water fountains and more.

Once all of the tasks associated with electrical, plumbing, and cement are done, it’s time to fill your pool and add finishing touches like plants.

This is also when you’ll want to install pool furniture and other semi-permanent fixtures.


How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?, landscaping, fountains

How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?

So, exactly how long does it take to build a pool? While the answer will obviously vary by project and area, you should plan an 8-12 week timeframe at the very least.

And, to ensure the job gets done right and on time, you should hire the top Arizona pool company — No Limit Pools and Spas.

Our team will walk you through every step of the process, from financing to finishing touches, and we’ll make sure you know exactly how long each step will take. We also have years of experience working with local permitting offices and inspectors, so you won’t wind up waiting in an endless line or dealing with paperwork that wasn’t properly filed.

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