Are Saltwater Pools Good in Arizona?

Complete Guide To Saltwater Pools in Arizona

In the last decade, saltwater pools have surged in popularity and now account for roughly 30% of all in-ground swimming pools. And, it’s no secret why.

Saltwater pools are easy to maintain, gentle on the skin, and come with low annual costs. Plus, you won’t wind up storing tons of costly and potentially dangerous chemicals around your house.

But are saltwater pools good in Arizona? Are they actually better for you? And, how long do they last?

Read on to find out! In this article, we’ll walk you through the answers to all these questions and lay out all of the saltwater pools in Arizona pros and cons.

Now, let’s dive in.

Are Saltwater Pools Good in Arizona?

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the climate in Arizona is perfect for backyard pools of all kinds, including saltwater. And, the region isn’t prone to cold spells, which can potentially impact the chlorine generator’s performance.

Arizona is also known for hard water, which can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and irritated. The water in this type of pool feels very soft by comparison, so it won’t add to the problem. And, in some cases, it can even soothe temperamental desert skin.

Are Saltwater Pools Better for You?

You already know that saltwater pool health benefits include healthy skin. But, that’s just the beginning!

This type of pool is also gentler on hair, nails, and swimwear than traditional chlorine. And, you won’t be dealing with concentrated chemicals that can cause chemical burns, breathing difficulties, and other scary health concerns when handled improperly.

Lastly, large quantities of chlorine can become flammable and even cause explosions if exposed to prolonged heat. So, the Arizona climate can be particularly challenging when it comes to housing them. Most homeowners build secure climate-controlled storage, a pool house, for example, to prevent these issues.

Is It Worth Getting a Salt Water Pool?

There’s no way around it – installing a saltwater pool will cost more upfront than traditional chlorine. But, saltwater pool maintenance is so much more affordable that there’s a good chance your costs will balance out quickly.

You won’t have to buy expensive additional chlorine to add to the water, and the pool’s chlorine generator will be able to perform functions like “shocking” for you without the use of extra chemicals. When you do need to add something, it will likely be muriatic acid – a less dangerous and costly compound than chlorine.

Testing saltwater pools for proper pH is no more difficult than with their traditional counterparts. And, monthly service costs will be roughly the same.

How Long Do Saltwater Pools Last?

Like any backyard pool, this is determined mostly by which materials you choose, how well the pool is built, and whether or not you keep up with regular maintenance.

So, if you hire a team of experts to design and build your saltwater pool, opt for the highest quality materials possible – concrete or gunite, and stay on top of monthly care and cleaning, your pool will stay in tip-top condition for years to come!

The one case in which this type of pool is not quite as long-lasting as traditional chlorine is its accessories. Salt has corrosive properties and can cause damage to metal handrails, light fixtures, pumps, and heaters. So, these will likely need to be replaced more frequently.

In some cases, saltwater can also cause calcium buildup on stonework and tile.


Are Saltwater Pools Good in Arizona?

Saltwater Pools in Arizona Pros and Cons

In short, saltwater pools work well in Arizona, but they aren’t perfect. Here are a few essential pros and cons to consider before you start building:


Positive Points

  • No need to buy costly chlorine or store it safely
  • Softer-feeling water that is gentle on skin, hair, nails, and swimwear
  • Little to no chlorine smell
  • Lower monthly costs and simple maintenance
  • The pool’s built-in chlorine generator can power boost or shock without extra chemicals


Negative points

  • Your initial pool build will cost more, mainly based on the price of a saltwater generator
  • The cell will need to be cleaned periodically, which may require professional help
  • A higher pH balance may require the addition of muriatic acid.
  • Accelerated calcium build-up on some surfaces
  • Potential damage to metal accessories
  • Some saltwater pool repairs can be costly, especially if you hire an inexperienced contractor


Keep in mind that selecting a saltwater pool won’t limit you when it comes to luxurious design options. You’ll still be able to use high-end materials and install accessories like bubblers, dramatic accent lighting, and water features. And, your saltwater system will work perfectly with spool pools, spas, and hot tubs, too.

Visually, making the switch from a traditional pool to saltwater has little to no impact. In fact, unless they hop in and swim, nobody will ever be able to tell which type of construction you’ve used!

Trust Your Saltwater Pool To No Limit Pools and Spas

So, is it worth getting a saltwater pool? The answer truly depends on your personal preferences. But, in most cases, yes!

While you’ll spend more upfront, this option will likely end up helping you save money. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be more gentle on skin and hair, requires less monthly upkeep, and won’t leave you sitting on a stockpile of harsh chemicals.

If you have more questions or want to get the design process started, it’s time to call in the pros. Contact the experts at No Limit Pools and Spas to learn more. We offer completely customized inground swimming pool designs, financing, and guaranteed customer satisfaction during every stage of your pool project – start to finish.

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