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Pool Builder Gilbert

Pool Builder Gilbert

Phoenix is one of the top cities for owning your own backyard pool.  The heat and dry air of the desert are both easily cured with a dip in the water, and the term “backyard oasis” takes on a very literal meaning when you can surround your pool with actual oasis shrubs and palm trees.  On top of that, Arizona’s hot climate means pool season never has to end, although nights can get cold.  If all these advantages sound appealing, you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas, your best choice for pool builder in Gilbert and Phoenix, Arizona.

Design Your Perfect Backyard Pool

When you decide to get an in-ground pool, you get full control over its shape, depth, and size.  An in-ground pool is nothing more than a hole in the ground lined with concrete, so as long as you stick with the rules set by the utility company, the neighborhood organization, and the city, you can customize the pool to fit whatever needs you have.

Do you want a pool that’s long and thin so you can swim laps?  How about one with built-in water jets along one side so you can practice swimming against the resistance?  Do you need a deep end for jumping in, or do you want it to be shallow from one end to the other since you have kids at home?  No matter what kind of pool you need or which pool surface you choose, No Limit can be the pool builder in Gilbert to help you make your dream come true.

Remake Your Backyard Oasis

Earthmoving equipment isn’t nice to lawns or gardens, and so part of the built-in cost of installing a pool is restoring the rest of your yard so that it looks as good as new.  But why settle for new when you could redesign your backyard to look better than it ever was before?

Along with being a pool builder for Gilbert and the east Phoenix area, No Limit Pools and Spas can also landscape your yard to make it look like a true oasis.  We can add trees, bushes, and scrub that thrive in Phoenix’s climate, making them low-maintenance and giving your backyard an authentic feel that blends nicely with the hills and mountains behind it.  We can also expand your backyard patio to include covered areas where you can relax in the shade and spaces where you can install an outdoor kitchen.  You’ll hardly recognize your backyard by the time we’re done.

Take Advantage Of High-Tech Options

Along with being pool builders for Gilbert and Mesa, No Limit can also maintain, resurface, and remodel existing pools.  We can bring old pools back to perfect working order, and we can update their features to use modern technology and the kind of automated systems that make pool maintenance a lot simpler than it ever was before.

Today’s pool cleaners use automated vacuum systems and robotic cleaners that suck up debris from the surface of the water automatically.  A built-in chemical dispenser can constantly monitor the water’s pH and chlorine levels and add the right chemicals automatically to keep everything balanced perfectly.  Then, if the dispenser runs low, it can automatically alert you through a cell phone app so you can order new chemicals to refill the dispenser.

Another useful feature for Phoenix-area pools is a pool heater.  A good heater can keep a pool at the perfect temperature for a swim even when the temperature approaches freezing, so you can stay in the water long after dark.  Different heaters use different energy sources like solar energy, electricity, natural gas, and even ambient heat, and while some systems are more efficient they also cost more to run and maintain.  Solar energy is a particularly good option for Phoenix homes.

Every pool builder in Gilbert, Mesa, and east Phoenix has no trouble finding clients looking to add, expand, remodel, or resurface a backyard pool.  The heat and dry air make swimming or even just floating in a pool a very attractive option, and so for many homeowners the added cost of pool ownership is well worth the benefits.  So if you want a pool, a spa, or a whole new backyard, you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas today.

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