Pool Builders Arizona

Arizona is a dry state, and its capital Phoenix is certainly no exception.  Between the dry air and the heat of the desert sun, just a glass of water can be a relief and jumping in a pool can feel amazing.  That’s what makes backyard pools more popular in Phoenix than they are in other parts of the country.  So if you’re thinking about joining the ranks of Phoenix-area pool owners, come to No Limit Pools and Spas, the best pool builders in Arizona, to see what we can offer you.

Redefine Your Backyard

Adding a pool to your backyard is a big job that uses a lot of heavy machinery, which is why part of a pool’s cost is repairing the damage caused by these machines.  But rather than put everything back the way it was, many homeowners decide to take advantage of the situation by landscaping their whole backyard.

Replacing grass and turf with desert plants and sand can both improve your yard’s look and make it easier to care for.  Many plants native to the American Southwest are interesting to look at, beautiful, or both, and they absolutely thrive in Phoenix’s climate.  You can also create a large, covered patio to give yourself a spot to enjoy the weather while relaxing in the shade, and if you add a large grill and outdoor refrigerator you can turn it into an outdoor kitchen.  One reason we call ourselves “No Limit” is because we aren’t just pool builders in Arizona, we’re also backyard builders.

Create A Pool That Works For You

Another reason our name is No Limit is because there’s no limit to the kind of shape, size, or design your pool can have.  There are some practical concerns like buried pipes and cables, but beyond that you can get any sort of pool you can dream up.

Do you like the way you can slowly wade into a lake from a sandy beach?  Because we can set up a shallow end made with a ramp instead of steps.  Are you worried about your kids?  Because your pool doesn’t need to have a deep end.  Do you want a pool for exercise but you can’t afford something big?  Swimming jets built into one side can push you back so you can keep swimming forward for as long as you want.  No matter what design you want, we’re the pool builders of Arizona who can make it happen.

Take Advantage Of Modern Technology

One of the big reasons why many people don’t own a pool when they could is because it can be a real hassle to keep clean and chemically balanced.  It’s something you have to do every week if you want to keep using it, and if you don’t the green tint of algae can make you want to avoid the water entirely.

But thanks to modern automation, keeping a pool clean and balanced is a lot easier than it used to be.  Robotic pool cleaners can scrub the pool walls for you and even skim the surface for fallen leaves, and a chemical monitor can keep track of the pool’s pH and chlorine levels and automatically drop in the chemicals it needs.  And thanks to wireless integration, it can even alert you when it needs a resupply, or order new chemicals on its own.

You can take advantage of these modern conveniences even if you own an older design.  At No Limit we aren’t just pool builders for Arizona residents, we’re also pool remodelers.  We can redesign your pool to fit with a new family or a new living situation, and we can update the equipment to give you more automation, a more efficient pump, and even style updates like LEDs or fiber-optic lights that improve the look of your pool after dark.  And if you want to swim outside during a Phoenix winter night, we can also install a pool heating system.

When you need a pool builder in Arizona and specifically the eastern Phoenix area, you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas.  Call us, send us a message through our website, or stop by our office in Mesa to meet with one of our expert designers, and we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of designing your pool, spa, and new backyard and make it come to life.