Pool Companies Arizona

The dry desert heat of Arizona is a positive for some people, but for others, it means humidifiers and chapped lips.  The heat of a typical Phoenix day can make you want to hide inside for as long as the sun stays out, but for many residents, there’s another solution:  cooling off in their own backyard pool.  And if that sounds appealing to you, you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas, one of the best pool companies in Arizona.

Get Your Pool Built Your Way

There are plenty of pool companies in Arizona, so it’s important to find one that will build a pool that fits not only your backyard and budget but also your lifestyle and your mental image of how your backyard should look.  It’s your property, after all, and so you need to be satisfied you made the right choice.  That’s why we made our name “No Limit:”  to let all our clients know you can get a backyard pool designed any way you want.

For instance, having a small or narrow backyard doesn’t have to stop you from installing a pool. An in-ground pool can be long and thin, just deep enough to use it to swim laps, or you could create a small but decorative pool and build swim jets into one side so you can exercise against the resistance. If your home is on the side of a hill, you can take advantage of that to build an infinity pool that has no edge and lets you feel connected to the landscape beyond it.

You can also take your kids into account when you design your pool.  The standard layout is a shallow end for playing around and a deep end for jumping and swimming underwater, but you can make the entire pool shallow so it’s safer for young swimmers.  If you have no interest in jumping or diving, you can make it just deep enough to practice swimming.  You could also add a beach-like ramp on the shallow end instead of using the traditional steps or ladder.

Remake Your Backyard

You need heavy construction equipment to dig a pit in your backyard, the kind of equipment that ruins lawns.  Repairing your lawn and replacing damaged plants is part of the process and the cost of pool building, but because of that many pool companies in Arizona offer full backyard landscaping along with pool construction.

For instance, while many home builders would fill the yard with simple grass, it’s becoming increasingly popular in Phoenix and its suburbs to replace the grass with decorative desert plants like cacti, hardy trees, and flowering shrubs.  Not only are these plants easier to care for in the desert environment, they’re also more interesting and beautiful than a simple grass lawn.  We can also add more patio space and create a covered area for relaxing when you don’t want to get out your swimsuit.

Get the Updated Design You’ve Always Wanted

Along with building new pools, at No Limit Pools we also offer our services to homeowners who want to resurface or completely redesign an older pool.  Whether you’re a new owner who wants to renovate an older pool for your family and needs or whether you want to add some new features to your existing pool, we can help.

Plaster surfaces tend to break down over time, becoming cracked and rough to the touch and giving algae plenty of places to hide.   Resurfacing gives you a new, clean layer of plaster, or you can switch to a different surface like fiberglass or tile.

Then there’s all the technology you can add to your pool:  a solar-powered heater that keeps the water warm after dark, a chemical analyzer that automatically balances the chemicals and can chlorine shock on its own, and LED mood lighting that can put on a show after dark.  With the right pool builders in Arizona, there’s no limit to what you can do.

When you choose No Limit Pools and Spas to be your pool builders in Arizona, you’re choosing to give yourself a completely new backyard and not just a simple swimming pool.  Whether you prefer something smaller and decorative or something big enough that the whole backyard party can take place in the water, we can make your vision come true.