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Have You Been Searching “Swimming Pool Contractors Phoenix AZ?

If you answer yes to searching “swimming pool contractors Phoenix AZ” stop, you are at the right place.

Arizona is famous for its deserts, and while the state does have its share of forests and mountains, it’s a dry state.  The capital, Phoenix, is no exception; even in the winter, it can get hot enough during the day for people to want to stay inside with the air conditioning on.

Phoenix locals also look for other ways to beat the heat, and one of the best ways is to relax in your own backyard pool.  There’s a big demand for swimming pool contractors in Phoenix, AZ, and No Limit Pools and Spas is here to meet your needs.

Customize Your Pool For Your Needs

We put “No Limit” in our name to offer our clients every custom option their backyard allows for.  While we can’t build a pool that cuts through any pipes or cables, we can make an in-ground pool that’s deep or shallow, one that has steps or one that has a beach-like ramp, one that’s long and thin so you can swim laps or one with jets built into the side so you can swim in place.

We can also build pools with special features.  You might like to use a salt-water system instead of the standard chlorination system or a set of LED or fiber-optic lights that change colors and can put on a light show. 

We can install fountains and waterfalls to make the pool’s design more interesting, and we can make it more practical by adding a space where you can relax just under the water line without having to float. 

Because we offer all these options, we hope you’ll consider us the best swimming pool contractors in Phoenix, AZ.

Building a Backyard Oase

No matter which swimming pool contractors in Phoenix, AZ, you contact, you’ll have to deal with heavy machinery going into your backyard and tearing up your lawn.  That’s just part of the construction process, and restoring your yard to how it was before is part of the installation process.

However, this is also your chance to improve your backyard, and at No Limit Pools & Spas, we have the expertise to help.  We can make caring for your backyard easier by introducing desert plants, and by choosing the suitable species, we can give you a lovely backyard full of broad leaves, cacti, and desert flowers. 

We can also add extra patio space and open shelters where you can relax in the shade or set up an outdoor kitchen.

Save Time With Pool Automation

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get pools is that they can take a lot of time and effort to maintain.  You can always hire a pool cleaning company to come by every one or two weeks, but not everyone wants to pay a monthly fee.

Fortunately, you won’t have to put in so much effort when you get the right equipment for your swimming pool.  Today’s swimming pool contractors in Phoenix, AZ can design or redesign your pool to come with automation equipment like pool-cleaning robots that can skim the surface and brush the walls, chemical dispensers that keep the right balance automatically, and pool vacuums that suck up any fallen debris automatically.

Do Arizona Pool Owners Use Heaters?

If you live in Phoenix or one of its suburbs, you would be surprised that many homeowners use a pool heater.  A pool heater can keep your pool from becoming too cold to use during the night and during the winter months, so your pool season in Phoenix, AZ, doesn’t have to end. 

Pool heaters can work using several methods, including solar power and natural gas.  You may also want to install a spa, which is always heated, no matter what time of year it is.

Swimming Pool Contractors Phoenix AZ: Schedule a Free Consultation

When looking for swimming pool contractors in Phoenix, AZ, see what No Limit Pools and Spas offer.  We like to give our clients exactly the kind of pool they want that fits perfectly into their backyards, and we aren’t satisfied until the entire yard looks just the way you want it. 

Pool ownership is easier than ever, thanks to smart automation technology, so feel free to explore our website and contact us whether you have an idea or not. We can offer you terrific ideas you may never have thought of.