3 Benefits of Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Looking for a way to add something extra to your Mesa swimming pool? Nothing really adds natural elegance to your personal oasis like a waterfall feature. This feature comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes to make them easily customizable for your unique oasis. You can even create a waterfall that lights up in the night with the help of LEDs or fiber optic lighting. With so many options and the waterfall feature’s unique beauty, you can easily create a sense of exotic wonder and mystery to your pool experience.

However, this feature isn’t just about looks. So before you call our Mesa pool builders, here are a few benefits you should know about adding a waterfall feature to your luxury pool design.

1. White Noise

There isn’t much that is more relaxing than the sound of moving water. Whether it is the sound of rain falling or the waves of the ocean, water knows how to soothe the mind like no other. This holds true for the sounds of a waterfall or babbling brook as well. Can you imagine putting that glorious and relaxing sound right into your own backyard?

2. Filtration

By adding the right kind of waterfall to your luxury pool, it can double as a filtration system. That’s right, a waterfall feature isn’t just beautiful, but a practical addition to your pool that allows you to enjoy cleaner and safer water.

3. Algae Deterrent

Much like how a rolling stone gathers no moss, moving water gathers no algae. While you may see a natural pond of small lake with large patches of algae, you will never find it collecting on the surface of a fast-moving brook or stream. So as you can imagine, due to the movement provided by your waterfall feature, you will never have to fret about algae growing in your luxury pool.

With all of these great benefits, why wouldn’t you want a waterfall feature for your personal oasis? 

Whether this feature calls to you or not, our Mesa pool company is eager to help you create the perfect luxury pool for your personalized needs. After all, why should you settle for any ordinary pool when you could have your dream vacation right in your backyard.