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The average high temperatures in Arizona during the summer months of June, July, and August can be in the triple digits. This can make the outdoors uncomfortable and challenging at this time of the year. Families want to spend as much time together as possible during the summer, but outdoor peak hours are often off-limits due to the oppressive heat and sun.

If you have a small backyard, do not worry, No limit Pools & Spas can create a small pull to fit perfectly. An excellent way to way to escape the triple-digit heat while enjoying the great outdoors during the hottest days of summer.

As you have landed on our website, you most likely have browsed through it, especially our gallery. Yes, you saw many beautifully designed and built large pools. However, if you are searching for a pool builder to design and build a small pool, you are at the right place.

Our name speaks volumes as we are a No Limit pool design and build company. Whether small or large, our team of designers, contractors, plumbers, electricians and customer service will enjoy working on your pool project no matter how big or large the scope.

So let us begin!

Your AZ Small Pool Builder at Your Doorstep

Perhaps now you are considering a small pool because your backyard just cannot fit a large one. So you begin envisioning a beautiful oasis, you must view the whole property. Putting your entire property into perspective gives you the indoor sanctuary you want and the outdoor sanctuary you need, and there is no better way to create this space than with a small custom-built pool by AZ pool builders like No Limit Pools.

A custom pool isn’t one size fits all. There are plunge pools, cocktail pools, spools and more. These small pools enable a pool that enhances your lifestyle, home decor, backyard size and budget.

Why Choose No Limit As Your AZ Small Pool Builder

The most important reason to choose our team at No Limit Pools & Spas as Your AZ small pool builders is the custom experience that will be fun and exciting, eliminating the stress that can accompany a new pool construction.

If you have a vision, fabulous, and we can even add our thoughts to it, perhaps things you never would have dreamed of. Adding water features, a pool spa, fire features, beautiful decking, lighting and new automated pool features are on your horizon when you choose us at your AZ custom small pool builder.

And for your smaller backyard, as you may have thought initially, a pool was out of the question; we will work with you closely to create a space that, though small, can have a beautiful resort-like feel. When working with our team, never put the added features off the table, as we can offer you ideas like no other.

Custom Small Pool Builder AZ

The No Limit Pools & Spas Small Pool Builder Process.

For your custom small pool,l, working with No Limit Pools & Spas is simple. If you have a vision, of course, we want to know all about it. We can add to it and once you accept our 3D design which will provide you with an entire finished product image, we take it from there.

We aim to make your custom pool experience fantastic from the initial consultation right up until you take your first plunge. But remember, we will always be available to chat and help you for the years to follow.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Contact us today to discuss the best small pool for you, your backyard and your budget from plunge pools to cocktail pools, spools and more in any shape and size.

Do you want a tanning ledge to put your ledge loungers in, no problem. Do you want a waterfall? Do you want an integrated spa? As we have mentioned, our name speaks volumes. We are No Limit Pools & Spas.

Contact No Limit Pools and Spas today.